Sunday, August 30, 2015

learning to fly

Ravens symbolize many different things. Viewed as evil in some traditions, they are revered in others.
Raven Spirit Symbols:
Introspection, Self-knowledge, Courage, Magic, Mysteries, Shape-shifting, Creation, Divination, Wisdom, Truth, Answers, Secrets, Messages, Instruction, Change

They're also smart birds, and fun to watch- I find them fascinating, and have used ravens in my art for years. I took this photo of a raven in Yellowstone in June. Nothing to get excited about, but a nice image to work from.

I thought it would be fun to pull out the oils and paint her. Got this far and stalled.


And then, last week, I bought some Golden High Flow Acrylics and fillable markers. Which made me think about playing. I've had some Montana Acrylic markers for a while that I haven't used much too. So I grabbed a journal I made earlier this year in a class (also not used- do you sense a theme?) and drew the raven. Drawing is a skill that has been recently used. And I am pleased to report that I actually feel like I'm improving.
I drew raven and started playing with different media- watered acrylic paint, Pitt markers, Golden High Flow Acrylic & Montana markers- layers and layers.

And ended here- with the top layer of white done with a gel pen. I love using whatever it is that is going to work best for the desired end result. I really love the fine nib on the refillable Golden marker- who can use a paintbrush steadily for fine lines? Not me!

I was also very proud of myself for trying all of these things out in a journal before attempting a finished piece of art. For once.
Did this guy today. If you look closely, you will notice that his body more closely resembles the photo. That's because I traced the outline. Interesting lesson for me, because I like the raven above, she looks right and in proportion, just in a different position. And it's OK.
Traced this outline from the photo (I wanted to focus on working the image rather than drawing) and then used the techniques I tried yesterday to finish. It was different working on the mixed media acrylic/collage background than on paper. No surprise, but a few adjustments.

End result? Happy with my progress and pleased with both results. This is incentive to keep drawing, even though it is soooooooo hard to do, because it's scary. But no one has to see my journals but me.
My challenge to myself this week is to draw on one- just one of 4- flights. I always haul my journals, seldom draw on the plane. Come back next week to see how I did-

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Pam McKnight said...

Perseverance pays off...these are looking great!