Sunday, July 5, 2015

what happened?

i was in Yellowstone and now it's a month later- what happened?
lots of this:


In thinking about what informs my art, this comes into play. I love taking these photos and sharing via social media. love the patterns I see out the window, the sense of adventure of being in a plane- the motion and the journey. there's definitely a series there- i will figure out how to make this into art besides instagram and facebook posts. I have a brilliant idea that will hopefully come to life this fall.
besides taking photos from the plane & on my travels, I've been working on updating my website, which includes opening an etsy store, GreatWideOpenArt. of course, the business of updating the website and setting up the store takes lots of time- finding images, getting them in the correct form and place, thinking about structure, writing statements, etc. be worth it when done, but it's a lot of time not spent creating.
I am working on a commission that's been owed for quite a while now. my buyer likes the white birds from my journal and wants 4 panels with birds/flowers for her bedroom.
 she's a quilter and has luckily been very forgiving regarding the time I am taking on this. it's way out of my comfort zone. going from doodling to art feels like a big leap to me. tho I did base the piece below on the journal page above.


I've been trying to figure out the right media- settled on acrylic inks for the background so that they don't reactivate as I work the piece. I used miskit to create layers and shapes. the background below will become 4 11x11 pieces.

here is my rough draft next to fabric samples and the background.

and some work on flowers/vines to incorporate.
so now I just need to get started. that's what i'll be doing in my at home time this month. that and getting my web mistress what she needs and filling up the etsy shop. and making an effort to post more often.
hope you're enjoying your summer!


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Barb said...

Busy, busy! I'd be exhausted with all your travel, but you seem to thrive on it.