Sunday, July 19, 2015

oversharing, photo style

I use my iPhone as my camera 90% of the time. The Olympus point & shoot only comes out if I need waterproof, the Sony NEX, much as I love it, doesn't accompany me on short close to home hikes any more. The Nikon is amazing, wonderful, heavy and not easily packable. The phone is always there.
And with apps like Retro Camera (which sadly seems to have disappeared), Hipstamatic & filters available on Instagram there is much fun to be had with the phone. As a result, I am a social media nightmare.
How many I'm sitting on the plane looking out the window at the gate shots can one take (um, lots)

or look at my cute dog shots? (again, a lot)

the this is where I am now shots




and the view from the window seat


but..... I am taking photos. I am making decisions about composition and subject matter and style choices. Looking at light. The photos of the same subject matter (airport gate shots) don't all look the same. I am chronicling my life. I like looking back in the Facebook timeline and remembering trips and dinners and time with friends.
These experiences all inform my art. Overtly or not, it eventually shows up.
The images below are 12x12 prints on printmaking paper that will be framed & hang in a show in August. I mentioned to my husband that I thought they might strike a chord with other business travelers and he said- or people who would like to travel but can't. We'll see if they speak to anyone- they may not- but I will keep shooting & posting-



Barb said...

Your photos always leave me thinking and wondering - they tell a story. Whatever camera you use, there is a certain style that is all yours. I consider it art.

marianne said...

Thank you Barb!