Sunday, July 26, 2015

art journaling

i love the idea of art journaling, and actually do it sometimes, but am not disciplined enough to feel like i'm doing much more than dabbling. i have been hauling the upper right journal around for at least a year on my business trips
sometimes i drag it out and draw hotel room lamps

sometimes other things, but with no real consistency

so when i saw an online extreme journaling class with juliana coles i thought it would give me something productive to do when i'm traveling and provide structure for my journaling practice.
i love making books. this cover has been hanging in the studio for a while, waiting to be my next book. i finished it with 6 signatures of various types of paper bound with a running stitch. and accessorized with fabulous beads.

page paper includes maps, music, watercolor paper and pre-prepped colored paper.

next- the supply list- I was a bit disappointed but not at all surprised that i didn't need to buy anything on the list. this is partly because I've taken art journaling classes with lisa cheney and partly because, like a raven with shiny things, I pick up every interesting art supply knowing I will need it some day.....
I am particularly fond of pens and markers-

but- I still "had" to buy pouches and pencil holders and organizers- and a few more markers

 I did get things pretty consolidated, though, and am happy to be using supplies that have been buried for years. the first lesson was to use everything in the tool kit & see how it works and how it reacts with the other items.

next- create a natural background & write 20 favorite things in nature-

number 3 is a view from my window- and as I am on a plane tomorrow and that seems to be my norm that's what i'll do. it will also be a good way to pass time :)
a) love being able to learn, play & grow and not stress about making art for the gallery (much of which was self imposed, but still)
b) amazing to be able to learn online at my own pace when i'm gone so much-fun!
have a great week- i'm off to lubbock, then vacay in jackson, where my heart is at home-

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