Monday, May 18, 2015

into the great wide open

since I am leaving the gallery at the end of may, all pressure to create new art is off. I am free to spend time playing- I helped my step daughter make a book for some of her wedding memories.
I am spending time with my camera again, soaking up inspiration in the beauty of the natural world

with my traffic box money from ketchum, I bought a new lens- a tamron 150-600- and am enjoying the extra reach- can't wait to get to yellowstone to use it!

and there's still journaling and bookmaking going on....
i'm curious to see where this goes. i'd like to continue to make and sell journals. to that end, i'm going back to my website to update & refresh it- stay tuned on that. thinking about trying out etsy, which will mean more blogging and tutorials to generate interest.
I have a few BOSCO shows coming up, so there's till reason for making new 2D art too- oil painting is sounding fun again. stay tuned!


Judy Wood said...

Please give a review of the new lens once you've been around the block a few times with it. I've been contemplating that one for a while and would be happy to have your assessment of it. Great shots in today's post!

marianne said...

Hi Judy- so far I love it- the kestrels & pronghorn were shot handheld and are pretty clean. Practicing before Yellowstone as much as possible- will keep you posted- and thanks for the complimentt