Monday, April 20, 2015

New Directions

I've been lucky enough to sell my art at Art Source Gallery, a local cooperative, for the past few years. I was successful the first few years and made a profit. Last year, though, things changed. I started traveling more for work and had a harder time making new art every month. I became interested in different forms of art- journaling and bookmaking that are a little harder to fit into a traditional gallery.

I also stepped back from being as involved in the work of the gallery- stopped attending meetings, offering suggestions, etc. Looking back on it, I stopped selling when I stepped back. I couldn't muster the energy to become involved again and have made the decision to leave the gallery at the end of May. This has turned out to be a tremendously freeing decision.
As I was working in my studio this weekend on a traffic box for Ketchum, ID
and making more "traveler" journals (which have sold at the gallery)
I felt a sense of possibility. I have so many things to try- a printing press that has been rarely used, bookmaking techniques, jewelry, photography- the list goes on and on. Not having to produce makes it possible to play. I will be looking into other options for selling work, and devote the time I would spend on the gallery to updating my website (which needs it badly), blogging and looking for other opportunities.
Pretty exciting overall! Stay tuned.....



Barb said...

Going in a new direction and freeing yourself to play sounds good, Marianne. Hope you're getting some spring weather and can spend some time out of doors. It continues to snow here but the ski area closed yesterday.

Carole said...

As I get older, I am trying hard to not get guilt tripped into doing things that I don't want to do, or that I don't have time to do. Some might see it as selfish, I see it as freeing up my life to do the things I want to do, or have neglected doing for too long. Good luck with the next chapter, Marianne. Don't look back...and don't back down.