Tuesday, March 24, 2015


it's been nearly a year since I posted. and when I went to my image folder I was overwhelmed by everything that I've been lucky enough to do in that time.

travel- both for fun and for work- how lucky I am to live where I do and to be able to go where I go- from Idaho to Florida, California, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Wyoming, Oregon-


art journaling

public art projects- the earth node at foothills learning center with my friend lynn

my second traffic box-

the joy of bookmaking-

I am sometimes overwhelmed by the job that makes all things possible, the desire to keep new art in the gallery, involvement in the organizations I believe in, family and personal time. I'm also really grateful for my support system. 
I'm glad that art takes so many forms- and at the same time I wish I could be more disciplined in one. I'm looking at this and proud that I keep going, though- and I can't wait to see where it takes me- journey on-


Pam McKnight said...

I Love how you organized your year. When something is left for so long, its hard to get started again. You have been very busy and yet you don't make that an excuse not to make art. I am so glad I met you when I moved to Boise and I am so glad we get to make art together, you continue to inspire me.

Barb said...

Marianne - so good to see you back and learn that you've been busy and involved. I'm busy now with grandchildren on break but just got some time to skim on the computer and saw you'd posted. Hope you're having some spring weather - still snowy in Breckenridge. (PS We sold the Cherry Creek house.) Hope your parents are well.