Sunday, April 13, 2014

happy april!

wow- another month gone....
there has been art done in that time- mostly journaling- it seems to be what I want to do these days (and what there is time for)-
this is from the florida trip- an image transfer of a posterized photo on a background that had already been painted (some color added)- pelican might get more color, but the water is good keys color, making me want to go there right now-
this in the journal I made to take with me on work trips. this done sitting on the deck of the hotel room looking at a palm tree- the shape of the underlying ink was perfect for the right side of the palm. I chose to go in close and try to get the interesting part above the trunk & below the fronds- I made things a bit too even, but do like the texture.

relationships can be complicated and art journaling is a great way to sort out my thoughts. i am not by nature introspective. I'm not terribly self aware. i have good intentions and am fortunate to have a tribe who love and accept me and don't find me too annoying (and if they do they will mention it). when i really piss someone off or hurt their feelings it usually takes me by total surprise and i feel awful about it.

one of the things that really impresses me about my friend lisa cheney is how fearless she is about putting her journals out there. she has taught me that there is more power in speech than in silence. conversation is critical. cuz if you don't converse you only have one side of the story. i know that there are always at least 2.

these next 2 pages are me working through my side of a complicated relationship (and aren't most of them?).

took an awesome class from mare blocker this weekend- revisiting embroidery patterns of my childhood and learning new bookbinding stitches. be big fun to figure out how to incorporate this into my art.

lastly- springtime on the marsh-

happy easter- back in a week or so :)

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Barb said...

Marianne - I love this post! You're doing incredible new things with your art. I like the direction you're taking. Of course, those photos speak to me. Snowed 15" overnight in Breck - I hope not too much in Denver where we're heading tomorrow. I hate when the trees get stunted by the cold. Take care.