Sunday, March 16, 2014


back on the road for work. the dawes song "from a window seat" really resonates with me-

great lyrics (other than the male orientation)-

I buckle in my seat belt, plug my headset in a chair
And to the music, I watch flight attendants move
They are pointing out the exits, but it looks more like a prayer
Or an ancient dance their bloodline reaches through

These planes are built for sifting through the warriors from the men
I've got time to sit and watch them for a while
You can see everywhere they're going, everywhere they've been
And how they look out at the clouds each time they smile

And I think, maybe he's in town for someone's birthday
Maybe he makes trouble everywhere
But as much he resists the conversation between the rivers and the freeways
He knows it's always there

and more..... check out the video here

dawes- from a window seat

anyway, listening to this flying home last week I got to thinking about the dreams (thoughts, lives) of people on the plane- so much we know nothing about. I was going home, and happy about it, but there are so many other options.....

I drew the seat in front of me & the sleeping man on the plane and started to doodle on the left. last night, I did some collage and more work on the left side. I now wish I had left the right side black & white to show the richness of the mental state vs. the static state of flying, but now I know.


I'm on the road for the next few weeks and challenging myself to journal. I made the damn books after all :)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

adventures and journaling

since the last post I made a business trip to texas and took my book-
this is the first page, which sums up travel for me- movement and waiting. learning to be in the moment and accept what's happening- not a lot of point in fighting or wailing, make the best of things. it's been a good lesson for me to learn.
i always enjoy looking out the window of the plane, trying to figure out where we are and seeing patterns. flying into lubbock there is a lot of flat farm ground, neatly sectioned out and watered with center pivot irrigation. browns and greens. the walnut ink background worked out really well for this page.

i had so much fun making that book that i decided to do one for personal trips too-

i opted for a bright, colorful wash on some of the pages

just the right color scheme for the keys (and sunny vacation days anywhere, really)

i also took an old book that I've been using- i cut pages out and glue others together to form a sturdy background, then texture with tape and tissue and prepare different backgrounds. this book goes in the suitcase.
first page started at my friend's house outside at their tiki bar. not too bad for drawing in the dark drinking rum :) still needs work.

did this after getting home. something my friend said that struck me- "i remember the day i decided to be happy"- it is a choice, every day. i don't remember the day i decided to be happy, but i do remember understanding that i am responsible for my own happiness and how i am in the world.

i am curious to see how this work comes back into my art. i'm taking a leave from the gallery because of all of the travel I'm looking at until april, so i have the luxury of playing in these books and trying new things- be fun to see how it comes together.

off to chicago, ft worth, so cal, Portland and phoenix- lots of drawing opportunities-