Sunday, February 2, 2014

february already!

I've finally accepted the fact that journaling is a good way to make art while traveling- in addition to photography, of course, but there's something about paper and pen/pencil/marker/paint/texture/drawing/whatever.....
post travel as well- these pages are from the ca trip and I quite enjoyed reliving it while working on them. don't love either artistically, but I'm still figuring this out and both capture the experience, which is what matters.

this is the 6x6 mixed media piece that I did as a thank you for my hostess. journaling clearly influenced this. hope she likes it :)

some art journalists choose a word for the year. the practice is about looking deeper and contemplating shit (sorry, this isn't easy for me). having a guiding theme helps.
my word last year was surrender- as in realize what you control and what you don't and roll with the punches better, let things go (but don't give yourself away).
this year seems to be shaping up as choice. which is a great word.
first go-

and round 2- like the separation of the left and lower vs. the top and the way the face seems to be in the light now. I also enjoyed crossing 2 "I haven't played with these since I bought them" supplies off my list-alcohol ink ( red) and chartpak markers (yellow)

frequency didn't work, so in 2014 I will see if being intentional works better for me-

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