Saturday, January 18, 2014

welcome back!

I started the new year off taking an online workshop with Roxanne Evans Stout - found the class on a facebook journaling page. I have wanted to incorporate stitching into my art for a while and this was a good place to take that leap-


I started 5 books. The rest are languishing in the studio. My goal is to finish them this year. :)
There was a month at home. Sometime in December til January 10. My first trip of 2014 was vacation- a good omen- to the central California coast to see the elephant seals. What an amazing trip!
My friend Pamela invited me after our Driggs Swissy weekend in October. I showed her what I love about Jackson and she told me about the seals and invited me to come visit. What a gift!
I love this guy- he looks like a happy sea monster to me
here's how a male seal looks not zoomed in- beautiful coastline-
this shot is immediately after the pup was born- scale provided by the seagull (who is looking for tasty afterbirth)

pup and male

fam on the beach- and yes, they're loud!

got some great bird shots too-

My resolution for 2014 is to be kinder to myself- I plan to blog more often, and to focus more on my art- but photos are art and where and what I see I go informs art down the road......

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Barb said...

As usual, you've been on the go! I like that your art never gets stagnant - you're always learning something new. What great seal photos - so ugly that they're cute! Look at the schnoz on that male! So cold in the mts, but we're in Denver for the weekend, and it was warm/sunny and in the 60's today. Yesterday, I walked through the Botanic and thought of you so it was nice to see your post today. Hope you parents are well.