Thursday, January 2, 2014

happy new year!

toward the end of 2013 I finally got my word for the year (surrender) journal page to a tolerable spot. 
I did make art that reflected my word last year

but it was good to have the word and language and art in my journal before the year ended :)
I also covered up 2 pages of me writing about being afraid to use the beautiful book that Lisa gave me for my birthday with a spread about how I will be brave and use the book as it should be used-
no fear is a good way to journal. I am going to try really hard to live there in 2014. I am not by nature introspective, so it's hard enough to put aside time to sit down and think about myself, let alone commit to paper with marginal drawing skill. nevertheless there is likely value there, so I will try.
in that spirit, I joined a facebook group called a stand for art journaling and found an online class called the thread that weaves taught by roxanne evans stout . i was most interested in the stitching, but as with most journaling classes there was more involved than mere technique.

one prompt was to collect colors that remind you of this season, pile, tie together, write on a scrap of paper & tie it all together. oddly, i chose to journal


 my thoughts on the threads in my art and my life-

the actual classwork to follow- i have one of 5 books done- if you follow great wide open art on facebook you've seen it.
 and another very close-

 emerging themes: west (top); warmth (next) and (not pictured) raven, nest and winter.

i will do a post on the process and progress soon-

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Barb said...

Hi Marianne, You've been so busy! (And now even busier taking a class!) I love the concept of journaling and did it longhand for years (with no drawing). Unfortunately, I chose to shred all of the journals a few months ago. I was not liking the idea of them becoming public if something should happen to me. I think honesty is good but maybe not complete honesty! Happy 2014!