Sunday, December 15, 2013

the best laid plans.....

in October I wrote that I was going to post more often as a way to focus on my art. and now it's mid December. I can see that this requires a more serious effort!
since that time (and forgive the travelogue, but there are photos to share)
I have been to Chicago
Fort Worth


where I got to see the Chihuly in the garden exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden- highly recommended as the glass, the light and the structural nature of many of the desert plants are really wonderful together.

got to visit with the folks for a week over Thanksgiving,
then off to Southern Cal-
and then to Florida-

plenty of inspiration came my way (and lots of vitamin d, which is always welcome), but I haven't had a lot of time to act on it.
I went to a Monotype Monday to remember how to make prints, in the belief that I will have time to play with my little press sometime soon-
before the trip to Florida I decided to try taking a journal with me. lots of flight time. I prepped a few pages.
and I got some drawing done! this while waiting for our meeting to start over the course of a couple of days-

and the view through the window heading home
completed using Stabilo pencils and markers and paint

this is exciting for me because it gives me a way to work on things even while on the road, and something to do besides work, read, drink wine. also opens up possibilities in my other mixed media work- both in terms of technique and possible actual drawing (ack!)
I am now home until January (3 whole weeks!) and plan on studio time and more frequent posts- as well as visiting blogs that I've been away from for far too long.
Happy holidays- see you again soon!