Saturday, April 27, 2013

where is the art?

this blog is supposed to be about my art, but lately when i do blog it feels more a "here's what i've been doing" travelogue. i am going to go with the thought that since what i do informs my art and because i am a photographer some of that is OK. but will try to keep it to some and get back to art. which i need to do in general anyway.
i have been to the desert
and to the left coast. we had 3 wonderful days in san francisco

capped off by a great concert at the fillmore by black rebel motorcycle club. music geek that i am this was a religious experience- it was very very cool to be in the legendary fillmore and brmc rocked flat out for over 2 hours.

back home, it's spring and finally warm this weekend- yay-
this is an arrowleaf balsamroot which covers the foothills in bright yellow blossoms in april and may

here the arrowleaf balsamroot is growing through a bitterbrush, which has the most amazing sweet scent- the color of spring is yellow-

i did get back in studio last night & tonight. the colors reflect the diversity of places i've been this month- i have desert and ocean- west coast ocean coming into play at some point too no doubt.
and even with the travel and the not drawing in the sketchbooks that i continue to haul along with me (but photos should count, right?) and the lack of studio time and production (nothing new for the gallery this month- recycling old art), the busy changing a lot dayjob stress i am still not worried about the muse. she will show up. she works in mysterious ways & i need to trust her. i need to work too, but she is there.
i have had so many wonderful experiences this month, been beautiful places, spent time with great people, heard wonderful live music & read fascinating books- it is all going to come together and i won't be able to make enough art.
and in the meantime- i sold a few pieces this month & gained a commission. my friend (and sculptor extraordinaire) lynn and i applied for a public art project (which will be amazing and we just have to be one of the finalists, because our idea is so perfect!) and life really is very very good. i am very lucky. the art will come.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

since february? really?

yikes! time flies! since i last posted spring has sprung....

some art has been completed (not a lot, but some)

there's been a trip to florida-

and photo opps closer to home-

a short recap of the past few months:
  • i took a class offered by the city on public art- how to find opportunities, how to apply, etc. this inspired me to apply with my friend lynn for an upcoming city opportunity- stay tuned- it will be 3d and very cool- finger crossed-
  • i was accepted by the city of ketchum, idaho (the town where sun valley resort is located) to do a traffic box.
  • i've heard some great live music:
    •  at our own homegrown music festival treefort
    • alabama shakes
    • roger clyne & the peacemakers
  • i've been to:
    • fort worth
    • fort lauderdale
    • the keys
    • owyhee county
    • fairfield
i feel bad about not posting and i miss making and sharing my art on a regular basis. the only thing that saves me here is that everything i am doing will be informing work down the road. i have started some backgrounds that very much reflect the colors of the keys. i have been using the camera and will keep working on it so that when we get back to yellowstone in june i am shooting with confidence (that's the plan anyway!)
i am really missing studio night, as the city class was on tuesday and the job that pays the bills will be keeping me hopping travelwise for a while. so i will find another time to get the creative juices jumping.
thanks to everyone who stops in- and here's to the best laid plans.....