Tuesday, January 29, 2013


last studio night for a while- i'm taking a class on tuesdays for the next 8 weeks (more on that later) was lucky enough to have most of the crew show up tonight- nancy, pam, lynn & sue. (jaki- where are you?) first order of business was help with the self portrait frame, which i got, muchas gracias :)

i feel really fortunate to be fostering gracie, studio pup extraordiaire- she is the sweetest girl ever, touches every heart she meets. i know that she came into my life at this particular time for a reason. i can't imagine a better teacher.

here's what i worked on tonight- surrender (but don't give yourself away)
br> /> i am so going to miss our studio nights for the next 8 weeks when i am in class- hope you miss us too! :) and i hope to make it up to you

Sunday, January 27, 2013

the savage mirror

i took my friend lisa's art journalling class the savage mirror last week. just our other friend lynn, lisa and me. what a great opportunity- lisa is an amazing artist & teaches this workshop all over, so having a private class was great. and probably necessary- the name and stories of how emotional students have gotten in other classes scared me to death. we started with the easy stuff, making backgrounds. way to lull me into a false sense of security!the tape creates interesting bumps that provide places for paint to hang up on once paper is laid down over it.

here is the page prior to paint application.

the first exercise was to hold up a small mirror & draw the prtion of our face that caught our attention. we used china markers. since i can't draw, i was fairly pleased with the outcome of this one. even if i am green.

we were then directed to draw a frame for ourselves. each image comes with a journal prompt- this page being to write what we saw when looking in the mirror. this page is well on its way, but still needs some work. so far, not too bad.

the images in this one were created by a) tracing the key lines of a photo and then finishing the image (the left hand page) and b) doing a gel skin photo transfer (the baby picture). this prompt is about dreams. i still have lots of work to do on this page- i've painted over and written down and painted over several times, but it will get there. i seldom remember my dreams, so it's taking a bit of work...

class three we drew ourselves upside down from a photo, using loose gridlines (note to self- the open mouthed smile with teeth is hard to draw). you will notice that i redid my nose. the idea behind this method is that it creates sort of a caricature because drawing upside down distorts things. (me drawing period distorts things!

once we had the drawing complete, we taped a piece of acetate over them and proceeded to draw our 100 year old selves. yes, i plan to have pink hair (on purpose) when i'm 100. this prompt was to write a letter from our current selves to our 15 year old self and then a letter from our 100 year old selves to us now. this page also still needs work, but is farther along than the dream page.

it was a great class. i am working on other backgrounds and hope to have the discipline to do this. i'm not introspective by nature, so it's kind of hard for me to go there, but i do see the value in it, and in being able to define/refine what's going on in my life. it will also be a good thing to do when i'm traveling. it will take as much practice to sit down and write about what i'm thinking as it will to draw, but that's OK. no one ever has to see it but me-

last up is the finished valentine for aids- i went back in & added a few things coming out of the heart. titled "she's come undone". the opening is this wednesday- it's always so much fun to go & see what everyone has come up with. and to see my fellow artists.

will have studio night tuesday this week, and i have a few other things that i've been working on to post as well- there may be 2 blog posts this week!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

OK, the weekly posting thing isn't working so well :)

solved the photo mystery- blogger is having issues & they need to be uploaded in the html tab. how convenient. glad i wasn't trying to blog daily again.
regardless, good to be back :)
much time lately has been spent as a dog slave. we are fostering gracie (previously known as clarice), a greater swiss mountain dog. gracie was turned in as a stray to a shelter in northern idaho. she has a nasty fungal infection in her sinuses that requires spendy drugs to treat. the good news is that since we got her to boise and on the spendy drugs (which the rescue group is paying for) she has shown great improvement. she is a darling girl.
artwise, valentines for aids is coming up, and below is this year's offering. first, the idea 
this is the string & rubber bands (all from the tie dye extravaganza this summer) being formed into a heart. i poured self leveling gel on everything and shaped it. i did this on a garbage bag so that the gel wouldn't stick when dry.
here is the finished heart on the initial background-
here is a detail of the (maybe) finished piece- she's come undone-
i was in chicago last week-

i was there for work. if a person has to work for a living,  i work for one of the best companies and with the best people. even when things are challenging i have good friends to get me through. what more can you ask?

and then i came home to idaho. we went out on the desert today. from michigan avenue and people everywhere to the silence and beauty of the high desert and golden eagles
a kajillion elk
the magic of hoar frost
from michigan avenue to this
i got to spend a bit of time in the studio tonight- i have some things to finish up before the next hanging in 2 weeks.
i am taking a class from my friend lisa this week- the savage mirror . i am doing this because she is a lovely woman, a good friend, a great artist who can teach me alot (and it seems that part of the reason for our friendship is for her to get me to stretch) and because our other lovely friend lynn was ready to take the class and sort of brought me along. i am scared, but will be brave :) not being introspective by nature, this sounds really hard. i may or may not keep you posted.
now that i've figured out how to post images i'll be back!


i am trying to write a blog post but for some reason cannot upload any photos. and there is no reason to blog without photos.

will try to figure it out, i may be back. or i may move all of my blogging over to wordpress with my website.

i'll let ya know-

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy 2013!

yes, there has been art made- just not much blogging. will work on getting to a weekly post in 2013, including more about process and less reportage. it's been crazy and i need to plan better.
first up is the finished rustic dance from 2 posts ago.  i wanted the photo to stand out less from the background and for the whole thing to look more- well, rustic. a few washed of paint and some spatters later i'm calling it done. 12x12 mixed media.
snowfall, completed, 12x12 mixed media

this is for our boise open studios show "opening doors- a glimpse into the artists' mind". still working on a title. 8x8 mixed media.

in addition to the BOSCO show, it's time for Valentines for AIDS, an annual fundraiser held at a local coffee shop. below is an idea for my piece.

i tried putting the strings together with self leveling gel tonight, we'll see how this works out- it's working toward a "tangled web" theme- tho i like the shape of the top heart much better & may be heading to the studio to fix this while there's still time:)

lovely studio evening with nancy & sue- a bit of champagne to ring in the new year- here's to a fabulous 2013 for all!