Sunday, December 15, 2013

the best laid plans.....

in October I wrote that I was going to post more often as a way to focus on my art. and now it's mid December. I can see that this requires a more serious effort!
since that time (and forgive the travelogue, but there are photos to share)
I have been to Chicago
Fort Worth


where I got to see the Chihuly in the garden exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden- highly recommended as the glass, the light and the structural nature of many of the desert plants are really wonderful together.

got to visit with the folks for a week over Thanksgiving,
then off to Southern Cal-
and then to Florida-

plenty of inspiration came my way (and lots of vitamin d, which is always welcome), but I haven't had a lot of time to act on it.
I went to a Monotype Monday to remember how to make prints, in the belief that I will have time to play with my little press sometime soon-
before the trip to Florida I decided to try taking a journal with me. lots of flight time. I prepped a few pages.
and I got some drawing done! this while waiting for our meeting to start over the course of a couple of days-

and the view through the window heading home
completed using Stabilo pencils and markers and paint

this is exciting for me because it gives me a way to work on things even while on the road, and something to do besides work, read, drink wine. also opens up possibilities in my other mixed media work- both in terms of technique and possible actual drawing (ack!)
I am now home until January (3 whole weeks!) and plan on studio time and more frequent posts- as well as visiting blogs that I've been away from for far too long.
Happy holidays- see you again soon! 


Peggy Jo said...

Congratulations on prepping and taking the journal! Balance of work, travel, family and art - so difficult and it takes not only planning but reflective inspirational times. You inspired me with your journal! thanks for sharing. Peggy Jo

Barb said...

Hi Marianne, I've been wondering about you and now see that you were here, there, and everywhere! Your Mom looks GREAT! (So do you, of course.) Have a good holiday. Do you have any snow? It's been so cold here in CO! (But today is to warm into the 30's - I'm skiing with a friend.) Get to work (and play) with that art.