Thursday, October 31, 2013


i started this blog as a way to focus on art. to think about making art every day, even if the best I could do was a photo that might not quite be art, but I tried. i did a great job of posting daily (or close) for a long time, and that helped me think about making art and stay creative.
i haven't posted since august. It isn't that i haven't been making art, or thinking about it- but I have been traveling and busy with work and blocked and a million other things. time flies, things get away from me and suddenly it's 2 months and phoenix and florida and driggs and and and later.
now i'm looking at 6 weeks of chicago/ft worth/phoenix/thanksgiving/southern cal/florida. i am grateful as hell to have the job that i have and to travel the places that i do. i am even luckier to have friends in most of the places i go.
i get to go great places and be inspired. i get the city and the beach and the desert. i see egrets and cormorants in the trinity river and on the florida coast, pelicans on two oceans, crows and ravens, beauty everywhere if i pay attention. i am one lucky woman.
i want to refocus and get back to using this blog as a tool for my creativity rather than  "this is where i went and this is what i did", because the point of the blog is to share my art and process.
but, of course, i will now indulge in some gratuitous catch up-
i made some linocuts- for some reason i was inspired to play and then took a class that got me even more excited about it- much more printmaking to come-

and then there's photography- always a love of mine.


my friend thought that the raven might not be worth stopping to shoot because it was a silhouette- i thought that was ok- and was really excited to find that the flight photos were in focus- and now there's a series-


i was reminded of what a good tool this blog was for me in a conversation with my friend lisa this week. i am going to see if that is still the case- stay tuned for more frequent posts-