Tuesday, June 4, 2013

photo safari(s)

well, it's been a few weeks- and many photos have been taken in that time..... spring is an amazing time around here.
near fairfield it's time for a blue sea of camas lilies-

the explosion of wildflowers in such an arid area always amazes me. I love having to look up new flowers- this is a sugarbell

this hillside was covered with yellow as far as the eye could see- mules ear & lupine- hiding among the yellow are bluebells and forget me nots, adding a nice jolt of blue

and of course, always, the cranes

my friend lynn and I were on photo safari and our itinerary included craters of the moon natl monument , a huge lava flow in central Idaho
the landscape is forbidding, but the wildflowers don't disappoint-

we were especially intrigued by (and enamored of) this blue lava rock. in places the flow is called blue dragon, because early explorers thought that it looked like dragon skin.

next up- Yellowstone- amazing country in any season. I have been there in spring, fall and winter (summer sounds scary) and every time I go I find more to love

this is the greenest I have ever seen the park (we are usually there earlier in the spring) and the sage and grass are vivid under stormy skies.

wildflowers in bloom (a few weeks later than at home)

and then there's the wildlife-
it being spring, babies everywhere-
as well as reminders that in every beginning there is an end, and in every end a beginning


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Barb said...

Wow to these gorgeous springtime photos, Marianne. You have a glorious spring there in ID. Mine is late but finally here. Have lots of fun in Yellowstone. I know you'll take loads of pics. The ones you've already shared are awesome.