Monday, June 10, 2013

draw is a 4 letter word.....

oh! I love to draw! I can't wait! well, not exactly, but I feel that it will be good for me to learn, so I am taking this class ..... (doing something bc it is something you "should" do or bc it is "good for you" is not usually a recipe for happiness & success-)
I should probably mention that I asked my friend lisa cheney, who is an amazing artist- published in several visual journal & sketchbook compilations as well as a popular teacher at journalfest, artfest, art unraveled- to do this class. so I should look happier.
lisa is a great teacher- and 3 of 4 classmates are good friends who were able to give me shit at the appropriate times to keep my sense of humor intact.
in one exercise we were given small pieces of paper with numbers & drawings on them.

we folded them in quarters, folded a sticky pad in quarters & reproduced the image (this is lynn fraley at work- you can see the difference in size between the image & the sticky

here is lisa putting the image together on her wall- amazing how well the squares lined up to complete the final image, although they were done by different artists. learning how to judge proportion & scale via guidelines- the fold in the paper-

next up was the infamous upside down drawing exercise. I hate this one, because  "they" always say "just focus on the shape, don't think about what you're drawing"- which I get in principle, and I suppose that's the point. it's hard to get your brain past "i'm drawing an upside down geisha" to "these 5 love signs need to go here and here and here and here and here". and of course I finished the left side before the rest of the class (drawing BIG is helpful) so I had to do the right side and then journal about how the exercise felt.

this is zella on the left..... z is an awesome sculptress and draws really well, so I was surprised that she wanted to take the class. she said it would be much easier if she had a torch :) I felt better, bc a paintbrush would have done the same for me.

meanwhile, pam is sketching away- having finished the lesson, she is drawing a bunch of books on a shelf in the corner. show off! :)

this part I could do- practicing hash marks for values & shading

I am trying to figure out why I have such a hate/hate relationship with drawing. lisa's theory is that for most of us someone said long ago "it isn't good enough" and we quit. I am not sure that's true for me. in general, I feel like I have to be the best I can be at everything I try- better than most folks. I have to give 110% and if the result doesn't reflect the effort it's hard to keep going. I am also not very patient. I would rather work on something that's fun and that I see an improvement in than struggle (like most people).
and i'm intimidated by the great artists I know who can draw so well
it's also more efficient (and more fun) to take a photo :) and a challenge to capture an image that is not only technically proficient but that speaks to people or is something that they might not otherwise see.
but I do want to become comfortable drawing. I want to find that point where I feel like I have accurately represented the subject and my interpretation of it without feeling like it has to be photorealistic (bc I would just take a photo) but also without feeling like I have just scribbled something that bears no resemblance to where I was, what I saw, etc.
yep, one of the reasons lisa is in my life is to make me stretch......

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Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

Oh, I second your feelings about drawing and then double them! The folded paper drawing exercise results were wonderful to see! The first time I saw the upside down drawing exercise was on thietysomething, and I've since tried it. Well done you for pushing at your boundaries!