Sunday, May 12, 2013

springtime in idaho

I did get a little studio time in this weekend- I have 2 commissions to get done and that has succeeded in getting my butt in gear. finally. more on that in another post.
In the meantime, we have full on spring going- arrowleaf balsamroot blooming-
the foothills are green (this one's for you dad- it IS green in Idaho for about a month :))

these lupine bloom in a particular spot every year around mother's day. most wild lupine are blue or purple, but this bunch is a beautiful range of pastel colors from cream to yellow to pink and lavender-

this photo give you an idea of just how large the flower patch is-

and a shot showing the larger setting.

I have tried to get what I feel to be successful photos of this bloom for years, and this is the first time that I feel like I have succeeded in doing so, with good images of both the flowers close up and the larger area.
one of my favorite spring/summer sounds is the song of the meadowlark. it is ubiquitous in the foothills and on the camas prairie this time of year. I was lucky to catch this fellow mid note on this morning's photo safari-

after last week and quite a few blurry kestrel shots my goal was to get one decent image. this is a step in the right direction, tho a less than inspiring setting. i'll keep trying-

this guy started away from the road as cranes generally do as soon as we stopped the car. I got out on foot and angled down the road and he walked parallel to me long enough for me to get some pretty good shots. it seems that being on foot is less intimidating that a vehicle for these guys, a theory that I will continue to practice. as I find cranes infinitely cool and interesting I will be happy to practice-

these are my photo assistants on the lupine shoot- echo (on the left) had knee surgery in December. it is wonderful to have him out hiking with us again, even if he can't go quite as far as everyone else.
this is molly helping spot wildlife on today's photo safari-

that's it for now- good night all!


Barb said...

I've never seen those pastel lupine - so delicate-looking. Fabulous capture of the Meadowlark! I fly to AZ today - going to stay in Rio Verde where my friend, Mary, lives. We rented a house for the Girlfriends. I hear it's turning HOT this week. OK by me!

Judy Wood said...

I hope your "on foot" theory continues to work for you with the cranes. I haven't been that lucky, either in our out of the car!