Sunday, May 19, 2013

encaustic class

on saturday, lisa, lynn and I took an encaustic class from karen bubb, who I first met in her role as public arts manager for the city of boise. she is also an accomplished artist and we were all looking forward to learning something new.
i have taken 2 encaustic classes previously and was intimidated by the sheer amount of stuff needed to use the media correctly and the necessity to have the wax at a specific temperature, have great ventilation, etc. I had seen some of karen's paintings of a recent trip to cuba on facebook and like the way she uses the media. lisa had expressed an interest in taking the class too so I decided to give it another shot.
encaustic is a very gear heavy medium. serious encaustic artists use metal palettes like the one below. there is a heater underneath with a temp control. (not an inexpensive set up). brushes have to be natural, not plastic. that's melted medium (beeswax and damar resin) in the tub.

this is encaustic paint- pigment and medium. to use, you melt a bit on the palette and add some medium and start painting.

oilbar can be used to paint over the wax, and wiped on to bring out detail that has been drawn into the wax.

we started working on paper- this is lisa working on a swan image-

lynn doing a transfer, working on wood-
lisa rubbing in oilbar to highlight a drawing that she did into the wax-
the class was great- there were 5 of us there and everyone had fun playing. karen gave us a good run down on the basics of the medium, did some demos and then let us play. a perfect set up for me.
here are 3 of my pieces in my studio. i don't take workshops expecting to emerge with finished art- it's more about learning and jumpstarting my creativity. i was pleased to end up with 3 pieces that aren't awful. 

the first 2 encaustic workshops i took got me thinking about ways to work some of what i tried into my mixed media art. this time i am actually thinking about ways to use encaustic in my art. i have been interested in using clear medium and my photography for a while, this may get me moving past thinking about it to actually doing it.
i managed to spend friday evening in the studio, completing one commission (yay!) and working on some other pieces, which I will post later. i organized things in the studio today & did some work in my journal (also another post). it was a very productive art weekend- good thing too, as i am off to Chicago next week tues- thurs!
have a great week!

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