Monday, May 6, 2013

2 weeks already? yikes!

I have spent a small amount of time in the studio, really- some works in progress below-

more time spent in mother nature's studio, though-
a mountain bluebird

great blue heron-

yellow headed blackbird-

morning mist on the marsh-

sandhill crane-

swainson's hawk (?)

cinnamon teal


as I look through these photos I wonder why I feel like I haven't been making art. but it is hard for me to see my photography as anything other than informing art to come. it's hard to print a photo and have it nicely framed and charge what one should for it. it's easy to think that anyone can capture that image.
anyone who is in the same place at the same time and who sees things the same way. a good photographer makes it seem effortless, which is even more deceptive. not that i'm putting myself in the category of the greats, but I do sometimes wonder at the disconnect between public perception of the value of photography & what seems right to me.
I wonder about the thousands of images that I have, and about the few that are actually technically decent and what I will ever do with them other than use them as references or image transfers or collage pieces. I enjoy sharing what I see on facebook and on this blog but sometimes wonder if that's making it too easy.
I am usually much more of the "you get back what you give" mentality- the above sounds pretty negative for me, but I think that what i'm trying to figure out is the value of art. I love the idea of giving art away, of found art and street art and I love to share the places that I am lucky enough to be able to see but I don't know how to reconcile that with the work's real value-whatever that may be.
too many questions for a monday night..... but if you have answers i'd love to hear them :)
lots of travel this month- ft worth this week, then phoenix, chicago & portland-will try to draw (yikes!))and post photos and chew on this some more.

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Barb said...

Oh, that yellow-headed blackbird and the mist, and, and, and! I bet Becky will be interested in seeing your start of a bear. Just got back from our travels in UT - so good to be in the high desert. It was snowing when we pulled back into our driveway last night! Also yucky in Denver we hear.