Saturday, April 27, 2013

where is the art?

this blog is supposed to be about my art, but lately when i do blog it feels more a "here's what i've been doing" travelogue. i am going to go with the thought that since what i do informs my art and because i am a photographer some of that is OK. but will try to keep it to some and get back to art. which i need to do in general anyway.
i have been to the desert
and to the left coast. we had 3 wonderful days in san francisco

capped off by a great concert at the fillmore by black rebel motorcycle club. music geek that i am this was a religious experience- it was very very cool to be in the legendary fillmore and brmc rocked flat out for over 2 hours.

back home, it's spring and finally warm this weekend- yay-
this is an arrowleaf balsamroot which covers the foothills in bright yellow blossoms in april and may

here the arrowleaf balsamroot is growing through a bitterbrush, which has the most amazing sweet scent- the color of spring is yellow-

i did get back in studio last night & tonight. the colors reflect the diversity of places i've been this month- i have desert and ocean- west coast ocean coming into play at some point too no doubt.
and even with the travel and the not drawing in the sketchbooks that i continue to haul along with me (but photos should count, right?) and the lack of studio time and production (nothing new for the gallery this month- recycling old art), the busy changing a lot dayjob stress i am still not worried about the muse. she will show up. she works in mysterious ways & i need to trust her. i need to work too, but she is there.
i have had so many wonderful experiences this month, been beautiful places, spent time with great people, heard wonderful live music & read fascinating books- it is all going to come together and i won't be able to make enough art.
and in the meantime- i sold a few pieces this month & gained a commission. my friend (and sculptor extraordinaire) lynn and i applied for a public art project (which will be amazing and we just have to be one of the finalists, because our idea is so perfect!) and life really is very very good. i am very lucky. the art will come.


Adrienne Knight said...

Loved the photos and your lovely upbeat attitude. Thank you :o)

Judy Wood said...

Nice to get up to date with your wanderings and your busy life. I look forward to seeing how you (or your subconscious) will process all these experiences into new artworks!

Barb said...

"i have had so many wonderful experiences this month, been beautiful places, spent time with great people, heard wonderful live music & read fascinating books- it is all going to come together and i won't be able to make enough art."
I love this positive take, and I'm enthralled as usual with your photos. Your eye in photography takes me to places I've never been, even if I've actually visited them myself. That's what art is about, I guess.