Saturday, February 9, 2013

much time lately has been spent with gracie, our greater swiss mountain dog foster. she is the sweetest girl. turned in to a shelter in north idaho as a stray. gracie (formerly known as clarice- just no) has a fungal infection in her sinuses that could take up to 6 months to clear up. the meds (currently 7 pills 2x a day) are very expensive (thank heaven for rescue groups. many owners couldn't afford to save their beloved pet in this situation). they are hard on her stomach. she doesn't always want to eat, so sometimes we force feed her and then add pills to the mix. her face drains copiously. despite all of this gracie is sweet as hell, her tail wags, she puts up with my inept pilling and lays her head in our laps to be loved.

it's a gift to be able to do this. we are all fortunate that GSMD rescue has the resources to pay for gracie's meds. i am lucky to work at home and have the ability to be here for her to force feed her if necessary. all of the veterinarians that we've seen have been great. gracie is teaching me a lot about what's important, accepting help, fighting, accepting, fighting and (yeah) grace.

besides that, a recent piece- hold on-

another mostly done piece, surrender. interesting for a few reasons. lynn didn't feel it quite done and when i asked her why she said a few words and i completed her sentence. got it immediately. i thank goddess for the people i know will give me an honest response in that situation. i want to learn and become a better artist. i am pretty good at asking people i respect for their opinion and listening to what they have to say (i think). it's harder with people i don't know (or maybe respect as much as artists). anyway- still working on this.

having a hard time uploading photos and dealing with blogger- may be moving to the wordpress blog (sorry dad)- will let you know-

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Barb said...

Marianne - poor Grace! Is she in pain - it looks sore. Sometimes, I think animals come to us at certain times in our lives to help us attain another level of selflessness. How was the Aids event? Did I miss that post? I've been kinda lazy lately.