Sunday, February 24, 2013

catching up-

well, the weekly posting thing still isn't working out so well.
first, the bad news- we had to send gracie on to her next adventure last saturday. it was heartbreaking, but it didn't seem that she was going to recover, and she was clearly done. the sweet girl put up a good fight, but it was too much for her to handle. i am thankful that we met her, and that we were able to give her a few good months and to send her on her way with love.
 this is a journal entry that i did this weekend- a drawing of gracie over a prayer i wrote for her while i was watching her sleep hoping for her recovery. she didn't recover, but she is at rest now.

lynn, lisa and i had an art retreat weekend this past weekend. lisa is the woman who taught the journaling class that lynn & i took last month. so as you might imagine, there was some art journaling done. here's a shot of the table with all sorts of fabulous supplies ready to go. it was a fun weekend of painting and talking and music and wine & Rock of Ages- must do again soon :) 
other art- work-
the dove is now done. her wing needed to be better defined, and now i think that it is- 

boise open studios is holding a group show at the boise state student union gallery entitled "opening doors- a glimpse into the artist's mind". this is my entry, titled self portrait. it's a little strange, but oh well :) i like it-

these are two pieces completed this weekend- journal a little, paint a lot- i need to work a little more on that introspection thing, it doesn't come so naturally to me. tho i did hear a quote that every artist's work is a self portrait because the artist is sharing their unique perspective, which i do believe to be true when an artist is creating from the heart.
the first is symbol, 8x8 mixed media on canvas 
 and barn swallow, 6x6 mixed media on canvas. feeling better about the bird paintings- she didn't take me as long as the dove- i seem to be getting a better handle on it.
i have been taking a class from the city's arts and history department on public art, which is really interesting. there are more opportunities out there than i ever knew, and this will make the process of seeking out and applying for those less intimidating.
i also start teaching a new round of my mixed media class tomorrow night. i am going to be more directive in my approach this time, based on feedback from the last class. it should be fun- i always learn something!
i will do my best to post next week- in the meantime have fun-


Gexton said...

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Author Brenda Lee Ayala said...

Wow amazing work!! :-) happy Easter

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Hi Marianne,
So sorry not to have visited for so long, and to have missed reading your sad news about losing Gracie. (I've had a bit of a love-hate relationship with blogging of late.) It's so sad when we have to let our four-legged family members go, but she had a great life with you and you have lots of happy memories. I hope you're still enjoying your art, even though you haven't blogged for a few weeks.
Janice. x