Tuesday, January 29, 2013


last studio night for a while- i'm taking a class on tuesdays for the next 8 weeks (more on that later) was lucky enough to have most of the crew show up tonight- nancy, pam, lynn & sue. (jaki- where are you?) first order of business was help with the self portrait frame, which i got, muchas gracias :)

i feel really fortunate to be fostering gracie, studio pup extraordiaire- she is the sweetest girl ever, touches every heart she meets. i know that she came into my life at this particular time for a reason. i can't imagine a better teacher.

here's what i worked on tonight- surrender (but don't give yourself away)
br> /> i am so going to miss our studio nights for the next 8 weeks when i am in class- hope you miss us too! :) and i hope to make it up to you

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