Sunday, January 20, 2013

OK, the weekly posting thing isn't working so well :)

solved the photo mystery- blogger is having issues & they need to be uploaded in the html tab. how convenient. glad i wasn't trying to blog daily again.
regardless, good to be back :)
much time lately has been spent as a dog slave. we are fostering gracie (previously known as clarice), a greater swiss mountain dog. gracie was turned in as a stray to a shelter in northern idaho. she has a nasty fungal infection in her sinuses that requires spendy drugs to treat. the good news is that since we got her to boise and on the spendy drugs (which the rescue group is paying for) she has shown great improvement. she is a darling girl.
artwise, valentines for aids is coming up, and below is this year's offering. first, the idea 
this is the string & rubber bands (all from the tie dye extravaganza this summer) being formed into a heart. i poured self leveling gel on everything and shaped it. i did this on a garbage bag so that the gel wouldn't stick when dry.
here is the finished heart on the initial background-
here is a detail of the (maybe) finished piece- she's come undone-
i was in chicago last week-

i was there for work. if a person has to work for a living,  i work for one of the best companies and with the best people. even when things are challenging i have good friends to get me through. what more can you ask?

and then i came home to idaho. we went out on the desert today. from michigan avenue and people everywhere to the silence and beauty of the high desert and golden eagles
a kajillion elk
the magic of hoar frost
from michigan avenue to this
i got to spend a bit of time in the studio tonight- i have some things to finish up before the next hanging in 2 weeks.
i am taking a class from my friend lisa this week- the savage mirror . i am doing this because she is a lovely woman, a good friend, a great artist who can teach me alot (and it seems that part of the reason for our friendship is for her to get me to stretch) and because our other lovely friend lynn was ready to take the class and sort of brought me along. i am scared, but will be brave :) not being introspective by nature, this sounds really hard. i may or may not keep you posted.
now that i've figured out how to post images i'll be back!

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Barb said...

Was wondering about you. Looks like travel and art have kept you busy as well as the wide open spaces of ID. Oh, thank goodness - I thought the garbage bag was the background. I love that blurred driving shot and the skyline of Chicago. C'mon - you MUST share what you learn about yourself. Have fun. PS did you know the dreaded word ID is on?