Sunday, September 23, 2012

photo opps

i am still all about photo opps. i sat in my studio the other night just to breathe the air. i miss her! but... meetings, sprained my wrist last week- my RIGHT wrist (right handed) of course. can still use the camera(s) just fine, tho.
we have had so much smoke in the valley- fires in washington, fires all over idaho- making the air visible. not great to be out in, but interesting for photos, if you like abnormally colored skies.....

first signs of autumn in the high country- on the autumnal equinox- perfect! love the copper quakie leaves-
caught a doe with twins too- she is so feminine looking- the twins are hiding nearby- their ears gave 'em away-

lastly, love the color of the cut field with the blue sky- i do love fall!

coming up- wildlife photo class in yellowstone in 2 weeks (can't wait!), open studios weekend october 13 & 14. hopefully time to create after that- bc the next week is all about getting ready to go to jellystone & prep for studio tour. yee ha!

have fun! i am planning on studio night on tuesday- hopefully i'll get some art worked in-

Monday, September 17, 2012

yikes! last post in august?

i can't tell you where the time has gone! doesn't seem like it's been 2 weeks, but there you go. fall is moving in here, which is great- cooler temps (hopefully soon!)
 fall colors starting to show- this is rabbitbrush-

i was in tucson for our company's national sales meeting last week. luckily, we stayed at a resort that backed up to tucson mountain park and could hike in the morning before the meetings. it was beautiful-

stayed over with a friend- this is in the sabino canyon area. the green is a result of the monsoons- it was just beautiful.

needless to say, no studio time, so it's a good thing that my photography was juried in!
meetings tonight (art source- board member elections) and tomorrow night (open studios, preparing for the tour). hope to return to the studio later in the week.
have a great week!