Monday, July 30, 2012


lately i've been a little worried that after taking 3 months off i won't have new work when i go back to the gallery. this wouldn't be a problem for anyone but me, as i have plenty of art that hasn't been in there for 3 months, but it kills me to repeat.

so it is with great joy and relief that i can say that i actually made art tonight, instead of making backgrounds or flailing around (which has its place too).

i also realized that i have 2 pieces ready to go (the traffic box art). duh! and huge sigh of relief- especially since there's pretty much NO time for the studio next 2 weeks. more on that later.

here's what i finished tonight-

6x6 mixed media (collage, acrylic paint, photo transfer & marker)

4x6 mixed media- i got the oilbars out for this one & had so much fun that they're back in rotation- ( acrylic paint, marker, oilbar)

6x6 mixed media- (acrylic paint & marker)

i'm thinking that some of these (those that look "doodle-y" and are not on box canvases) can be sold in the print bins. they're good play for experimenting bigger.

i doodled during the olympics last night ( i do love the olympics!) and it loosened something up. which is what doodling should do.

as for upcoming fun- no studio night this week as there's a family obligation tomorrow night. wed 3 of us are getting tattooed & being girly & going out together afterwards; thursday is first thursday and i will be having a party at the traffic box; fri gillian welch concert; sun jason isbell concert; tues off to denver to see jack white at red rocks on wed; back home thurs only to head for the hills for a music festival with lots of great acts including jerry jeff walker, joe ely, cody canada & reckless kelly. whew! good thing that live music inspires me :) i'll have a few weeks to turn that into art before the end of the month. maybe i'll even actually use a sketchbook for ideas..... maybe....

so if i'm not back for a while you know why, but rest assured i'm having fun! hasta-

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


i cannot adequately express how amazing it is to see my art like this. wow.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

studio night- yay!

it has been a long damn time since i have spent time in the studio making art. i powered through redoing the traffic box, i made birthday banners (of which i kept 2) and i've slapped stuff on canvas for backgrounds but i haven't completed a piece of art that i could hang in the gallery in what seems like months.

i've been taking photos and reading books and thinking about things and trusting that it will all regurge at some point in a frenzy of creative activity. but now i'm getting sort of scared. i have a month & a half before i'm back in the gallery and i am not inspired or motivated.i hoped to be able to be a bit ahead but i'm not.

here's where having faith in the process and trusting that it's going to be ok is important. because it's not like i'm not looking and seeing and thing about making art. not like i'm not interested or i'm being lazy. i just don't have the right thing in my head. and i haven't had time. i do trust that it will all come together, but jeez- hope it's soon!

i am working on small things, and it was helpful to notice that so were my studio mates this evening-

pam working on her travel journal

lynn trying out ideas for a workshop she is holding this fall

me doodling on canvas with marker-

i am having fun playing with these small pieces, which i figure i can sell in the print bins. they're a departure from what i had been doing and a fun way to play with techniques.

the traffic box will be up next week- i am to have a first thursday party by it to celebrate. it's only supposed to be 94 :) thinking lemonade and watermelon , maybe a mister..... will post photos of the completed work of art- i can't wait to see it!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

another week gone

one of the amazing things about my life is that i get to go from this

to this

on a pretty regular basis. and they pay me. yeah, there's work involved, but i work with great people and get to go good places so it could be much worse :)

from my hotel room:

view from rebar, trump tower-

the mother ship (well, not any more, but i remember my mom pointing out the wrigley building when i was a child and when i was first hired the company was still headquartered here)

meanwhile back at the ranch..... molly is fitting in quite well. can you see the difference between the two?

pam immediately upon meeting molly (without halle there as a reference) said "her head is wider, her muzzle shorter" . pam is not a dog person, but she is an artist and i found it interesting that she got it right away. the trick for me is LOOKING rather than figuring i know which one it is bc of the behavior.

gratuitous "i love my garden" shot

my friend patty turned 50 this year and somehow we realized that we had to have flags to commemorate the occasion. which morphed into banners. but the design- a peace sign above crossbones- was never in doubt. nor was that fact that it had to be on a tie dyed background.

this is me trying to be precise. i hate that. except when it works out, and then i love it.

i even made a template for the bone (far left)

we need a few banners- one that may be sacrificed to her youth, one for posterity, a few bc we kind of love the peace sign crossbones motif- (enough to have talked abt mutual tats. but the peace sign has to look tie dyed)

birthday girl gets her pick, then i get one. i think that this is my coat of arms- i prefer peace, but don't assume that means i'll roll over.

as for art- i have lots of backgrounds ready to go. and i had a very nice evening puttering in my studio.

it's funny- the decision to take a leave from the gallery came in a moment. but it felt right, so i did it and i am so glad i did- i would be so far behind and so stressed about making art right now. i couldn't have seen what the summer was going to be but my gut knew and made the right call. there's a lot to be said for trusting your intuition.

hope it was a great week! i'm guessing that a weekly post is all i'm good for at this point, so hasta la semana (i think)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

and it keeps flying by....

another week with no appreciable art progress

we did have studio night on tuesday, and discovered that molly is a happy studio dog too. she & echo traded off---

although i completely lacked inspiration i worked on backgrounds and now have a bunch ready to go when i have time to get back into the studio and apply myself.

molly is settling in nicely- that's her on the left & halle on the right-

the garden is rewarding, which is always nice.

this time of year i always look at everything blooming profusely & think it will all be barren by august. hasn't happened yet, so i should be ok again this year

this is the time of year at work when we plan next year's business. it is always hectic trying to fit that in with regular duties and the systems can be challenging, so there are generally evening/weekend hours involved, which cuts into creative time too.

we did go to fairfield this weekend- here are 2 shots of the lovely sunset last night-

off to chicago tomorrow, back late wed so no studio night. hopefully we'll get the plan pretty much finished, though. and it's actually cooler in chicago than in boise next week! bonus!

hope everyone is having a great summer- and hope to have new art to share soon-

Sunday, July 1, 2012

i get by with a lot of help from my friends

a week and a half since i posted. yikes! all good intentions to make art, think about it, etc, but life happens- tho i did get some things accomplished-

for instance, photos on our hikes- still love the sony! the best camera is the one you have with you-


sego lily-

i received word a week ago wednesday that my traffic box submission was approved- all except the second panel because there was concern that people wouldn't recognize the large black area as a dog at a glance. i was asked to rework that panel and resubmit by the following monday.

since the image was 3 layers or more down in the collage and such a large part of that panel i couldn't see a fix and it seemed better to start from scratch. so that's what i spent last weekend doing. luckily i knew i could recreate the other 3 panels. the only iffy part was finding more rub on letters, but my friend jaki came through with flying colors (as did my friend laura for future projects- it's great having friends who get it!)

here is the second submission (approved! yay!). i think it will work better due to brighter colors, but it was kind of exciting getting it done in time.
 on monday i flew to chicago for work.

i love the people i work with- am fortunate to count many of them true friends, so meetings are actually fun. we were also productive and got a good start on the annual planning process.

got home thursday evening- the flight was an hour late out of o'hare, so i was home at 1:30 am and up at 7 to get to work.

friday evening a friend and i hit the road for dillon montana (6 hours away)
we went to pick up a dog needing a new home. the dog was in billings, montana- 10 or 11 hours from boise. i have a good friend in dillon, so we agreed to meet there. it's a beautiful place-

and leaf is an excellent hostess. we got to hang out and visit while letting molly acclimate to me & halle before heading home on sunday. i got to spend the weekend with 2 friends and bring another swissy into the pack (molly on left, y.t. in the middle, halle on the right). 

and back home this morning!

starting planning this week at work, so it will be very busy and probably long hours. back to chicago the following week- no sign of things letting up, and i am so glad i made the call to request a leave from the gallery!

studio night on tuesday, so look for a post then-