Tuesday, June 19, 2012

tuesday! studio!

lovely hike this am, as usual this time of year. now that i have my wonderful lightweight easy to pack sony nx5 evil camera i take many more photos when out & about. image below is arrowleaf balsamroot leaves-

the love lizard is the latest addition to my studio art collection. i like having things from my artist friends. this is jaki's work. isn't she cute? 

nancy, jaki & i this evening. fun evening- i learned some stuff, which is always a good thing-

i am still pounding out backgrounds. it's ok- i will know what wants to go on the front and get started with that soon. in the meantime, this is work that needs to be done.

the other thing that's happening is play- these are doodles on canvas. starting with marker, embellished with paint-

i completely ruined the first version of this (marker & rubbing alcohol only mix in very small doses), but am pretty happy with where it is now-

these are both 5x7 and my idea is that they can go in the print bin at the gallery for $25 in a plastic bag unframed. helping me keep print bin fresh (bc it's a pita to switch out stuff that needs a mat). also me working on drawing and playing with things to translate to a bigger surface.

the beginning of another-

i am thinking about oilbar again, and these shiva oil sticks, which have seen little if any use, are the perfect colors to finish off what the markers start-

yep, there's creativity and play in the air! can't wait to see where it goes!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

last week's art endeavors

no studio time after tuesday last week- saw a great show by melissa etheridge on thursday, headed for the hills friday. i did get some studio time in this afternoon- more on that in a later post.

one fun thing i discovered in looking for a cover for my new phone is this fun company called gelaskins where you can create your own skins for all sorts of electronic devices. these are literally skins- not very think- but good enough to provide a scratch cover, which is about all i really need. (hard cases available for iphones)

this is the skin i made for my new phone from one of my mixed media pieces-
how fun is that? so of course i had to go back & build one for the ipod & for the work crackberry (from different art). i love to accessorize- this could be dangerous!

although not spending time in the studio i am storing up lots of ideas and "what inspires me" time, so that's good. prepped lots of backgrounds today. i am planning on a series from the multitude of bird & pronghorn photos that i have from fairfield. i got a few more good shots this weekend.

i saw a hawk on a wheel line earlier this spring but missed the shot. have been looking for it again ever since. this guy kindly obliged by sitting still long enough for me to shoot him from several angles-

i have a background that has been wanting a dove on it for a long time. loved the lighting on and position of this mourning dove-

this pronghorn buck very obligingly turned so i could get a shot without his head casting a shadow on his body. i thanked him (and the hawk on the wheel line).

i may even do a landscape or two. i love the line along the horizon in this photo- caused by a vehicle driving down a dirt road that's parallel to the mountains. some night when there's a great sunset i may have to ask my husband to go take a drive for me :)

i probably get studio tomorrow and tuesday, then off to the races again- james mcmurtry on wed, a get together thursday and another friday, tie dying and fabric painting saturday afternoon- but studio saturday evening and sunday. then off to chicago. geez!

at this rate 3 months off won't be enough! but it is so nice not to be stressed about making art and i suspect that when it comes it will be "katie bar the door!"

have a great week!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

finished art!

it's tuesday night, and you know that means studio night when i'm in town and we had a great evening- that's lynn back in the corner with the amazing horse sculpture, then jaki, pam & sue. all amazingly talented and inspiring artists. i am so lucky!

it seems like forever since i have actually finished a piece of art (traffic box doesn't count, bc i don't know that it is finished) but i did complete 2 this evening-

red bird, 6x6 mixed media on canvas

and mardi gras, 6x6 mixed media on canvas

feels good have some done! even though i know there has been lots of background art going on it's nice to have some done.

book recommendation: sacre bleu by christopher moore- loved it, dying to go to monmarte....

happy wednesday!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

since the last check-in

hard to believe it's been nearly a week since i last posted- i will make up for that with lots of photos :) it occurs to me (pretty regularly) that i shouldn't post the same photos on the blog that i put on facebook, and i should post different images on my various fb pages (personal, art, dog) but about as far as i get is thinking about it. i do have different people on all, so i guess that any overlap can be scanned over by anyone who visits more than one.

i did receive the following email last week:

LOVED your artwork I found up off of Hull's Gulch!  Thank you!
so the mystery project did find a good home, and i'm happy to know that.

the past week has been filled with getting out and soaking up inspiration, not so much translation into actual art, but that will come.

i love the sony nex-5. it is so nice to have a decent camera that's light & easy to pack. it has improved my morning walk photos considerably.

cedar waxwing

firecracker pentstemon

possibly a western kingbird, but not sure

i was in phoenix on thursday & friday & caught this mourning dove on the cross on the mission in old scottsdale. (not with the good camera!)

in the hills on saturday- it was a cloudy rainy day- even a bit of snow- but the clouds made for interesting skies in the landscape photos

yellow headed blackbird eggs- there should be babies in this nest next week i would think-

i am in a photo group on facebook that posts assignments every few weeks. it's a nice spur to get out and shoot, and to try something different sometimes. the theme this time was bokeh- which are those circles of light that you get when shooting at a shallow depth fo field (very open aperture) with points of light in the background.

i was most pleased with the one below of cathedral bells-

the clematis garnered the most "likes" and comments on facebook

 and from this morning's walk- wild roses blooming in the foothills now- it smelled wonderful!

happy hiking dogs halle echo & jack

i spent some time this evening in the studio, sweeping the floor and working on some backgrounds. i think that there is a bird series coming up (surprise!) so i printed out some of my photos for reference. i'll be in town for 2 weeks straight, so i should be able to make some progress.

have a great week!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


back in the studio! this week it was me- (yes, it's cold, but i am stubbornly clinging to flip flops)



and nancy

we haven't all been together for a while- pam was in san fran, nancy on a tour of national parks (yellowstone & southern utah), sue was sick last week.

pam was working on a travel journal that she keeps to remember her many adventures. those are not both her glasses of wine :)

nancy was making paper mache creatures to put on a frame around one of her paintings- 

i was working on backgrounds (we were all working on that bottle of wine)

i have a couple of red backgrounds to start laying texture on- the bottom i think will be a dancing sandhill crane painting, not sure abt the top-

great to be back in the woman cave and laugh and create and feel the love. i am so lucky to know such a great bunch of women. it's a friendly, safe, supportive environment. we can say what we think without feeling judged, we can try new things and it's ok if they are less than lovely because we learn.

also so nice to have a break from having to have a certain amount of art done. it's a good thing to be in the gallery and to be a working artist and to have a reason to create. it's also a good thing to be able to sit back & recharge, to have time to play & let things gestate and see where it goes. there's usually room for both, but right now a break is needed.

stay tuned to see what happens next! happy june-