Wednesday, May 30, 2012

studio night mystery

i love the idea of giving away art in public places. planting atcs, doing art scavenger hunts- the idea that someone could happen upon a piece of art and what that could mean to them is just so cool. i get that it might not matter, but it could.
so when i saw this i had to play-

The Mystery Project

What happens when you make a stranger's day?
This week's final free project in the 10 x 10 Series is a collaboration with our friends at Prismacolor. The Mystery Project challenges artists to experiment with the unexpected. Every participant will receive a mystery project kit, which includes a free Prismacolor Brush l Fine Art Marker in a surprise color and a secret theme to guide your work. Create a token of inspiration using the tools in your kit — it could be a drawing, a zine, a sculpture, or a collage — then install it in a public place for a stranger to discover. Just remember to document your mystery project and send us a photograph! We'll share your creative surprises with the entire community online.

i posted on my great wide open art facebook pagepam decided she wanted to play too. we got really different "kits"- i got a bizarre theme and yellow

pam got a fairly straightforward theme and blue

we both thought we had plenty of time to finish (and probably did when we signed up), but talked before she went out of town and had a "no, no time left" moment.

luckily, studio night moved to wed this week, i noticed pam was in town (thank you facebook), she was glad to come over and play. and remind me that we had to have these done, um, tomorrow.......

pam was gracious enough to provide the substrate, tho bc i am not used to working on paper (it always warps bc i layer too much, use too much wet stuff, etc.) i was trepiditious. but it worked out great-

as pam said " yours looks like you and mine looks like me" :)



so, boise, look for random art tomorrow :) and thanks pam! fun night!

Monday, May 28, 2012

memorial day weekend photo shoot

i cannot believe that i just had a 3 day weekend (memorial day, for those of you not in the states). i could use a few more days!

it was raing saturday (not abnormal for this time of year) so i ran errands, spent some time in the studio & generally tied up loose ends. we headed up to fairfield saturday afternoon.

sunday morning there was snow on the mountains & skies were overcast- which makes for fine photo conditions. the camas lilies are blooming on the marsh, looking like pools of water from a distance.

the light is beautiful- this time of year when it's overcast with just the right amount of sun peeking through the field turn almost a lime green, which is a lovely contrast to the blue/gray skies-

a lovely sunset-

wildflowers are blooming-

and there are lots of birds

and some mammals too ( this is a pronghorn fawn- probably not very old)

it was a very satisfying photo safari weekend. came back today and went to my friend's house to do more tie day. and now here i am doing some photo editing & tying it all together.

i did get the traffic box submission completed & put together, ahead of schedule on that. hopefully it will be accepted- i'll post the process another time.

have a great week!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


back to studio night tonight, finally. i have missed it. and not only tuesdays with my friends, i haven't been in the studio at all.

if you want to read abt progress on the traffic box, visit the other blog . i am having great fun and not at all stressed about getting it done because i have been dreaming about what it wants to be. true. this piece of art is ready to be born. i may have some hard spots, but she knows where she wants to go. which is why i found it amusing (after i got over being pissed) to learn that i'm taking a leave from the gallery because i am so stressed about my traffic box. yeah, not exactly. regardless, that was the right call and i am soooooooooooooooooo happy i made it.

my fellow artists were collaborating on my traffic box tonight & we decided i need to include dogs (bc most people in boise have at least one it seems) and birds- bc i have them in my art a lot & we have some pretty visible birds as residents- great horned owls, bald eagles, peregrine falcons, great blue herons..... i will have to think on that, as most of my bird photos are not from in & around boise and i am kind of a purist about stuff like that. but i'm sure i can figure something out :)

leaving you with some photos from camas county this weekend-

have a great rest of the week!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

all over the place

all sorts of stuff this weekend- first photos, because fairfield is beautiful this time of year. we went up friday night. i love this shot of the backlit field. sun flare in the perfect spot-

camas lilies blooming

swainson's hawks

proof that it IS green in idaho sometimes (dad, this one's for you :))

saturday's art project was tie dye ( first time ever) with my friend who teaches kindergarden (she tie dyes with her class & had die left over. added benefit that she's used to teaching beginngers :))

love the way they turned out and want to do more!!!! yay!

and today i gardened- mostly cleaning out pumps in water features- well worth it bc the sound is so nice..... love the back yard, so glad we set it up the way we did! roses blooming profusely, clematis about to go- june is the garden season here, it seems.

studio night tuesday, starting traffic box is the project- in the meantime it has been nice to see where else the muse wants to take me :)

Monday, May 14, 2012


wow, over a week since the last post- i am really falling behind. and no studio time in the interim either. luckily my leave was approved with the promise that there will be a place on the hanging committee for me in 3 months. i am so relieved/happy/etc.

tuesday & wednesday i was in denver for work, but i also got to see my dad, which was great.

thursday night was the opening of a show at a retirement community. the invite was sent to a good selection of artists, i talked to one who had done it & had good things to say & decided why not? several other art source artists participated as well. several artists sold work, but it was much more traditional than mine. i did have a few compliments, but watched a lot of people skim by rapidly seeking something more to their liking. oh well.

friend in town this weekend, we had a lovely hike saturday morning- i always love the light in this spot-

the lupine on this particular trail are a beautiful pastel mix and they bloom every year right around mother's day. we caught a good day. the whole hillside is covered as far as the eye can see in an amazing display-

syringa, idaho's state flower, also blooming along the trail.

worked in the yard planting pots & mulching yesterday. started today with a hike. the arrowleaf balsamroot are nearly bloomed out.

things just starting in the garden include roses-

and pinks-

photography & gardening have been feeding my creative impulses. i haven't had a chance to get in the studio for weeks. i almost wonder if this isn't me telling myself to take a break from the stressful atmosphere at the gallery and give myself a chance to enjoy creating again.

i have been dreaming about the traffic box, plan to get started on that this weekend- after a trip to ft worth and an art event thursday night, then a trip to fairfield friday night. crazy busy! i should be chomping at the bit by the time i do finally make it back to the studio.

have a great week !

Sunday, May 6, 2012

since tuesday- photo essay

hard to believe i haven't been here since tuesday! no wonder i'm not getting art done- it is awfully busy!

first shot is from one of our morning walks, showcasing a typical spring sky-

thursday was first thursday, and i had serving duty at the gallery. fun as usual to see everyone out & about. friday we headed for the hills. got there in time for a yummy dinner out & a nice sunset (even if there weren't any clouds to make it spectacular).

my wonderful husband understands getting out to catch dawn. so we were up at 5 am to get to the marsh. and the sunrise was beautiful, but again, without some clouds to provide interest over the water the photo opps (landscape-wise) were limited.

it is a beautiful place, tho, the light makes the green just glow and the reflections create a lot of interest, so there's always something to shoot out there this time of year.

if the sky isn't exactly cooperating there are usually beasts who will. what do you think this pair of swainson's hawks is talking about?

and a pair of cinnamon teal- the males are the most beautiful color. they're really spooky, flying off at the least disturbance, so i was happy to get this shot.

we found a field full of cranes. counted 40 of them there today. amazing. and, well, when they start dancing it seems to be contagious-

caught some good shots of this pair flying

and confirmed that what i thought was a nest last time we were up is indeed. look forward to catching the chicks in a month or so-

lastly, i don't usually shoot canadian geese. because they're everywhere and there are so many of them and they're noisy and annoying..... but there was a pair coming in for a landing when i shot the crane above & i do like bird in flight photos, so i shot away- and kind of like the one below-

the fun continues next week- denver tues & wed, art show opening on thursday (more on that later), friend coming to town on friday, function to attend with her on saturday ......and replay the week after.

and it will be fun- i get to see my dad when i'm in denver, and it will be fun to see christi, it just makes me glad that i decided to ask for a leave at the gallery or i'd be kinda stressed. because that traffic box is due in about a month too. good thing i work best to a deadline!

have a great week- will post as i can-

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

studio night!

first, a lovely photo from our morning walk- sun through arrowleaf balsam root. what a way to start the day!

i was lucky enough tonight to have lynn (who can't draw, but somehow created this in a couple of hours.)

nancy (who is making a very fine paper mache to sculpt little critters from to adorn the frame of one of her paintings)

and sue, who is providing a convenient foot rest for echo, studio bou. sue was a bit worried about echo, but a few salmon treats took care of that- he's happily snoozing on her shoe. (and my foot).

crane is still making me crazy- i pulled her from hanging on sunday bc i just didn't feel like she was finished. closer now (lynn & husband agree), but still not quite there. i'll sleep on it. and have her hanging me around til she presents an answer.

punk rock kingfisher is done, he just needs to dry so i can scan him for a better image. came together pretty well, thankfully (it's fun not to struggle once in a while).

speaking of it being fun not to struggle, i am going to be traveling a lot and otherwise busy with stuff and not have time to make new art. i need to finish my traffic box. and although we regularly hang art in the gallery that doesn't fit the bylaws as far as rotation i set myself a goal when i joined of not repeating myself. it gets discouraging to work to follow the rules & see them not applied. between that and understanding the bad reputation that i seem to have created for myself in the gallery i decided to request a leave of absence.

and my heart immediately lightened. 3 months to get my attitude straight, to make art for the fun of it (or not) to better figure out how to find the spot between cares too much & doesn't give a shit (maybe even to figure out how to better not give a shit).

but of course- i can't work regular shifts, so my being a member means i have to be able to be on the hanging committee. and there's no guarantee there will be a spot there in september. so i asked that i stay on the hanging committee, take a leave from the downtown gallery, still have art in the airport.

we'll see where that goes. there is a precedent for that happening, but that may not mean anything. so i guess if they turn me down i'll stay, rotate old art thru (that has been out for more than a year, not breaking any rules) and figure out how to have a healthy relationship with the gallery & its members. which may be the lesson i need to learn.

aint it grand that at the ripe old age of 53 there's still stuff to learn :) wish me luck!