Tuesday, February 28, 2012

back in the studio!

so good to be back in the studio! just lynn & me tonight, and it was nice to catch up with her & hear about the workshop she attended in scottsdale. lynn is a wonderful sculptor, specializing in horses- see her work here . the class she took was a whole different way of seeing and working for her and it was great listening her talk about her reaction to that, and what she took from it.

in this shot she's using what she learned to work out some problems with a sculpture she's not happy with. i am learning so much from my friends who do 3d. although it scares me, there are many of the same principles and thought processes and we work through problems similarly. making me less scared to give it a shot sometime maybe! :)

i was having a hard time focusing & getting on track, so i worked on backgrounds. always good to have plenty of things started! they'll tell me what they want.

i was excited to finish this & mail it off today. it's a gift for the woman we stayed with on our vacation. i hope she likes it. we saw pink birds flying across the sky ( after only 1 rum drink :)) and got varying thoughts back on whether they could be flamingos or spoonbills. i think spoonbills, based on the bird book shot below. we also saw lots of palm trees and pelicans and turquoise water.... makes me want to go back!

hasta! happy wednesday!

Monday, February 27, 2012

two pear

i got this far on this one in january before i started 4 weeks of travel. googled the meaning of two, nothing jumped out at me. so i hung it in my office and looked at it once in a while and waited for it to talk to me.

and one saturday i woke up wondering if i could buy pears at albertsons in february. the answer is yes, but not very good ones, so lucky i didn't want to eat them!

the really professional photo shoot- at this point i was still undecided how i was adding the pears to the piece- painting, transferring? so i thought that photos would be a good backup.

ended up photoshopping the background out and printing with my laser printer (it's just a crisper image if using cheap paper, plus it won't run if i decide to actually use it in the piece).

i thought i would transfer the image, so i printed twice- once, below, as a guide, and a reversed image to transfer.

i cut the pears out, taped the stencil

and gessoed the shapes so that the transfer would show up well.

i wasn't happy with the end result of this one ( sorry i didn't take photos) mainly because a big chunk in the muddle of the green pear didn't transfer and while that would have been ok if the blue background was showing through it wasn't so great with white.

so i went to plan b, which was to use the images i had cut out to make the stencil. don't ask why, painting didn't seem like the thing to do on this one. maybe because i like the real look on the abstract background. maybe fruit just scares me (possible!)

i didn't want the pears to stand out quite so much, so i dropped a wash of green over the back to tie better, but it still wasn't quite there.

here's the finished product- i scribbled on the images a bit with some caran d'ache crayons, but the pears were floating and the upper right hand corner seemed big an empty. corrugated cardboard to the rescue! the repeat in the upper & lower corners is good, it brings some light & it anchors the pears & fills the empty space- perfect!

and barb, the deux is still there, just hidden a bit-

studio night tomorrow! yay! and i'll be back to blog more- been missing it!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


at last! tuesday studio night again! and since i am needing art by sunday it was good to be making it. i think this is done- (and if it is i will bore you with the step by step).


funny that jaki and sue, both amazing artists, liked the one i was afraid might be kind of cheesy (below). proving once again that you never know what will strike a chord. no reason for either of them to be fibbing- they could have easily not said anything. we talked about how often a piece that we don't like so much makes its way out there and is snapped up by someone who thinks it's wonderful.


and another one finished- 6x6 mixed media- love, kitty

i was so glad to have a tuesday night again- it has been a long time. i missed pam, nancy and lynn but it was fun to have jaki join us. we had great show & tell- leslie showed jaki & sue her art, sue brought a piece for feedback, sue & leslie checked out jaki's art out on the ipad. fun stuff.

sometimes i wish the studio was bigger, but the intimacy is good and in nice weather we can spill out into the yard. looking forward to that! i have a big list of friends to invite.

art has brought so many wonderful people into my life. good friends, teachers, people who stretch me. people i struggle with, don't like or respect, which is a different set of lessons. equally valuable.

i had a gallery board member unload on me this week about my "nasty" emails, and the chip on my shoulder. her perception is that i am never happy and too heavy handed in vocalizing my issues. perception is reality. and we all know the definition of insanity. 

i will admit that i am pretty linear and don't understand why it's so hard to follow the rules (as long as they're rules that make sense to me). i think that if policies make sense they should be followed (and if they don't they should be changed). i try to offer solutions and not just complain. i am accepting that change is just too much to expect sometimes.

it's a coop art gallery, not world peace. there is a place between not giving a shit and being a nazi that i need to find. just as the board member hasn't given me the benefit of a doubt or tried to see my side i probably haven't done that for the members that make me crazy. and isn't it wonderful to know that we can still learn things after 50? in my case for a long time to come.....

there are so many ways that art has enriched my life. not all easy, but all good.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

in the works

here's what i've been working on- i needed 32 more inches of new art before next sunday's hanging and was a bit nervous. and of course my epson r2400 (which is the font of most transfers) quit printing, so i spent time figuring out why (cable pooped out). sometimes being under the gun is inspiring, sometimes it's a scary dry hole. i was afraid i was looking at the latter but i seem to be making progress.

this was all about the number 2, but i couldn't figure out an appropriate focal point until pears popped in my head. it needs more, but is at least close. process in another post, but suffice it to say that plan a didn't work so well..... now i just have to decide if i'm ok with floating pears (maybe) & what to do about the upper right corner.....

loved the background on this and couldn't figure out where to go, even though it clearly wasn't done. so i tried some transparencies over it to see what sort of transfer might work. the photo of a stilt in flight  (s/b horizontal to the ground) was taken by me at camas marsh a few years ago. and for some reason ends up in this hummingbird-like pose in my art. but it works for me! this is close to done.

i wonder how cheesy people think the shells on this one are, but i don't care. i just got back from the ocean and expect more palm trees and turquoise and pink and shells to emerge. and pelicans. deal with it.

marketing meeting tomorrow night- we'll see what bright ideas we can come up with- and studio night again on tuesday- yay! been too long! more art soon!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

public art application

the city of boise has a strong public art program.  a percent for the arts ordinance was passed 10 years ago that has benefited citizens and local artists. i am fortunate to have a piece in the city's digital art collection.

the city embarked on a traffic box program several years ago that has been noticed as far away as athens (georgia).

i finally got it together enough to submit art for the program. the requirements are 10 pieces of art, a resume & letter of interest. the art for the traffic box itself is commissioned based on the samples supplied. artists are given a template to create to, but the city takes care of having the wrap made and installation. sweet deal.

the deadline was 4 pm today and i thought i had plenty of time a month ago. ha! so last night i was updating the resume, writing a letter and deciding what pics to send in. i always assume that any submission requiring a number of pieces is looking for consistency in a body of work. i had a hell of a time deciding which 10 images to use.

started with 4 paintings, 3 mixed media of one sort and 3 of another. but as i was writing the letter of interest i realized that the traffic boxes that i like best are colorful and interesting, so the 10 pieces below are the ones i chose to submit.

wish me luck! there were 50 applications for 16 or so spaces. glad i used the good resume paper and googled how to write a letter of interest. fingers crossed- i happen to know that there's stiff competition :)

looking forward to weekend studio time- i need 32 linear inches for the march hanging a week from sunday- ack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the latest adventure

just got back from florida- what a great trip! took a few photos, which will undoubtedly inform art down the road.

love brown pelicans- they look so prehistoric, and watching them corkscrew into the ocean for food is a sight to see. they are so much more graceful landing in water than on land. and they're a nice contrast to all of that blue.....

we did a dolphin encounter at the dolphin research center on marathon key. they took these photos. it was a very cool experience. the dolphins are funny and quite personable- reminded me of dogs in how they interact with people.

we stayed on marathon one night, enjoying the ocean

and here's the note i left in the room's guest book- with a photo from the polaroid printer-

the everglades tour was also incredible. the everglades bear returning to and exploring more. we took an airboat ride

and a boat through the 10,000 islands

i am psyched about making art! which is good since i am very far behind. saw lots of cool art in key west and lots of nature on the rest of the trip to get the creative juices flowing. and hopefully keep me warm til spring!

Friday, February 3, 2012

new studio art

we did the altoids tinstallation at the gallery in january and it was good. we had lots of new people through, continued to chip away at the "old lady gallery" perception & raised money for ourselves, boise open studios & treasure valley institute for children's arts.

and i got art from my friends for the studio. i want to have art from all of the friends who inspire me or who i enjoy creating with in my studio. it's a challenge, because the space isn't big, so the tins were a perfect answer. yay!

this is lynn fraley's if wishes were horses- which i have been known to say/think..... horse is a spirit animal for me, and i just like horses a helluva alot (as i do lynn, and as she does horses). her piece is by the ipod because we share a love for music and enjoy sharing that with each other.

nancy panganiban's rhinestone rex. i've known nancy since i started taking art classes. her work is generally large and beautiful- too large and too beautiful for the studio (true of lynn & sue as well). rr is a perfect example of her wonderful sensibility

sue rooke's owl. sue makes amazing ceramics. she lives near me and joins us for wine and laughs and art talk, because her art isn't transportable. sue and lynn are gifts from my involvement with boise open studios.

lastly, rexanne, by kay seurat. the tinstallation was kay's brainchild. she is an art source member and makes the most amazing, fabulous and fun jewelry-

i got to spend a little time in the studio tonight. i've missed it so much! hopefully a little more this weekend- there are a few things i'm working on- stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

catching my breath

last week, all roads led through airports.... first, chicago monday & tuesday

then south carolina for thursday- sunday

back through o'hare on sunday

to phoenix for work monday & tuesday

tonight we attended the artist's opening for valentines for aids- nice dinner with friends, saw other friends at the event (lots of hugs, which are always good). will have to go back to actually see the art though.

i miss the studio and actually creating, but know that what i am seeing and doing and storing up will eventually manifest. i don't see studio time for a couple of weeks, so there should be lots ready to go when i can get back to it.

it's going to be busy til at least the 14th, will post where i can- happy february!