Tuesday, December 18, 2012


it's been crazy at work, but i did manage to have some fun and make some art.
we went to the sun valley lodge on friday for the early season ski deal which involves a stay in the hotel and a lift ticket. even if the snow isn't so good the heated outdoor pool is :)
and sun valley serenade is on continuous loop in the rooms. this year, the snow was good too- a good time was had by all.
remember the photo that got such a good response on facebook? i printed it out on canvas when i was trying out my new printer. the work in progress below includes that canvas. the meadowlark is a transfer. i worked on it a bit more tonight in the studio- tho this image got such a great response on my facebook page i was kind of scared to do much with it. luckily i had lynn & sue agreeing that it could use more work- more to come on that.

another hawk image from the photos i screwed up by blowing the background out. i was happy with the background & the transfer but a bit bothered by the cluster of large spatters on the left that aren't balanced by anything on the right. i am also generally happy with the worn look of transfers, but i don't love the big light splotch bottom right-

so, after a bit more work, here is beautiful is the earth, 8x8 mixed media on canvas-

they are probably pretty subtle changes, but i like it much better now.
another bird of prey- another swainson's hawk in fact- this one on a fence in fairfield. she's a packing tape transfer. this one came together tonight- moonrise, 6x6 mixed media on canvas.

merry christmas! here's to a fun holiday spent doing what makes you happy- be it spending time with friends, family, in your studio- whatever..... stay inspired-

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Barb said...

What - you mean you're listening to Facebook and not to me???? I once floated in that Sun Valley pool (a long time ago). My feet aren't as nice as yours, though. Glad you're making time for fun and art. Merry Christmas, Marianne!