Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2 weeks later....

i suck! i have been taking photos as i've been working but now it's 11 pm and i have another hell day ahead of me and i am not going to process and share them. so, another time. sooner than in 2 weeks. i don't know where the time goes- does this mean i am getting old?
we had the 10th anniversary of gypsy gallery on first thursday, dec 6- you can read about it here. it is pretty amazing that this pop up gallery that linda and i started 10 years ago is still going strong. it is so much fun doing the shows too- i don't ever sell much, but the opportunity to talk to people and see how they react to my art is great. as is the chance to catch up with the other gypsies. here's our facebook page, if you want to know more.
snow in the mountains up high, none in town yet- this is from our walk on sunday-
i bought a new epson printer, and started playing with printing on cloth. i had so much fun that i went to joann & bought a bunch of remnants ( on sale, even). found a great technique using a full size sheet address sticker, which any thin cloth can be stuck to & run through the printer. the image below is one example-
i sprayed with a spray varnish, the got out the sewing machine (which hasn't seen the light of day in easily 15 years) and started playing. and i like the texture. this could be fun :)
detail of snowfall, mixed media on board, 12x12

i am also still in birds of prey mode. originally, this background had the words falcon and falconry on the encyclopedia page. unfortunately i mucked up the first transfer and in scraping my mistake off the page i also pulled up half of the background (note to self, getting in a hurry is seldom helpful with mixed media- unless you are looking for a "happy surprise").
so i painted over the spots where it was down to bare canvas (never acceptable) and went for round 2, below, which worked out great-
choice, 8x8 mixed media on canvas
another extension of the new printer- this started with a print of the birds on canvas. i colored them yellow with markers ( it doesn't sound very art-y, but that's what i did) and hit it with spray var. then i sewed around the birds with hot pink thread. no. then i did a really fun macrame thing with needlepoint thread. no. then i used the texture built up by those failed experiments to provide the base for the framework that now surrounds the image. better.
i do have, and will post, process on some of these, but wanted to get something up.
had a wonderful studio night tonight and am, as always, so grateful for my creative space & the women who share it with me-

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