Tuesday, November 6, 2012

last week

we're having a beautiful indian summer here and i was finally able to get out and capture some color this weekend-

as well as some dog photos- my buddy echo





i loved the movement of these leaves and their glowiness (if it isn't a word it should be :) ). the twigs in the background add interest & reinforce the movement. the boken adds a nice contrast to the angularity of the image.

birds of prey. i need to get back to the red tailed hawk. haven't had the oils out for a month. the peregrine falcon is an image transfer of a photo i took at birds of prey in early october.

below is a detail of the image. the transfer was pretty clear. i added a coat of clear gesso over the image and then used colored pencil to fill in where i thought that the misses were really distracting.

the original background was white, because i wanted the transfer color to be good, so now i'm working back into the background. be fun to see where it takes me.

below are a couple of finished 6x6 pieces using laser print image transfers- the first to glass bead gel

the second to fiber paste-

lastly, round 2 of the marker/paint small canvasses

i sold 3 of these in october- small pieces in the print bin for $30- $35, seems like a good thing to keep doing. and they start with doodles, which is a good thing for me to do.
that's it for today. i spent election eve in the studio with lynn, drinking wine, making art. laughing & listening to music. we were pleasantly surprised when we decided to rejoin reality :)


Barb said...

You really captured some great action shots of the dogs in the dry grasses. The falcon painting has such detail. I like what you've done so far with the background. I also like the background on the nest painting - the framing of the eggs really draws the eye. You've been busy!

Gabrielle said...

Your dogs look SO happy!

You've got some nice work coming along. It's always good to see what you've been doing.

I like how you spent election eve - very smart! I tried not to get sucked into the nail-biting, but ended up glued to the TV anyway.