Tuesday, November 27, 2012

here's what i've been doing the past 2 weeks-

 2 weeks since the last post- luckily there is some new art to show!
the center of this is a laserjet transfer to glass bead gel medium. the image was mounted on canvas with soft gel medium, which has enough body for me to make the marks that follow the twigs out of the image.i love rose hips in the winter and like the frosty feel of this one.
did a bit more to this one, like it better now. the nest is a laserjet transfer to some sort of lumpy medium with reflective pieces in it. the bird on the fence post is a packing tape transfer. a fun and easy method that bears more experimentation-

bird on a wire- another packing tape transfer-

this guy was printed on fabric (muslin) fed through a laserjet on a full sheet sized packing label. the print is great. since it is a heat set laser print it is possible to use gel medium without smearing the ink. i mounted it on a canvas. i'm really looking forward to playing with this more and adding texture via stitching.

lastly, falcon detail. i painted over with clear gesso and brightened up the beak and eye with colored pencil. which i like. i need to look at it for a while to decide if the background is finished.

great thanksgiving visit with mom & dad- so nice that they could come out, and to be able to take time off work to spend with them. great food with family & friends on turkey day (and beyond!) so much to be thankful for. including getting back in the studio!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love these! I especially love the rosehips on the bead gel as it really really looks/feels like winter!
What type of laser printer did you end up going with?
We have considered one for a long time, but never found a reasonable price with rave reviews.
The birds are, of course, stunning.
Great to see these all together!


Judy Wood said...

I particularly like the bottom detail of the falcon-- the background is really nice and works well with the bird.

Barb said...

That nest has really evolved and (can you believe this?), I like the changes. The rose hip canvas seems "chilly" - just right to evoke the change from fall to winter. I like the extended marks you made.They seem to join the image with its surround. You've been a busy art lady!

Diane said...

You've been a busy girl! Very nice, Marianne...all of them!

marianne said...

thank you all! barb- i am so gratified that a change finally worked for you! :)