Tuesday, October 30, 2012

photos, class & transfers

last sunday was hanging day at the gallery. and i was WAY short on new work so it seemed like the perfect time to make my photo debut. the epson printer and the computer are not talking re color (and i don't know how to fix it, which is annoying, but that's another story), so i am limited to the hp photosmart for now. which means no bigger than 8x10.
you know me & my fondness for "itsy bitsy teeny tiny" artwork- i opted for some 4x4 images. the 2 below are floated in black 10.5x10.5 frames- i like the effect. i actually framed 3 retro cam phone photos. be interesting to see how they're received. i figure it isn't much different from polaroid or photoshop manipulation- you still need to have something that captures interest or no gimmick in the world works.

taught my last (of 3) class at wingtip press on monday. sad to be done- it was so much fun! i got stretched on this one, got to learn, which is really fun-
below, student artwork drying in the print racks-

this group was great- they'd say "what do i do now?" and i'd say something like" what do you think about painting over everything you just did with white paint and then sanding it off?". and we're off to the races...... wish i had a before shot of these- you'd be surprised that she let me talk her into doing more on them!
and another- before i said "what if....?" (it looks good here- you should see it after sanding and glazing- even better!)

the class was great, because they were game to try stuff, even when neither of us were quite sure how it was going to go. but that's how i work anyway, and it's part of the beauty of mixed media. so nice to have folks willing to take the risk and understand that the journey is as important as what's at the end. can't wait to do it again & see what else i can learn!
and tonight- studio night! where lynn and i proved that laughter is, indeed, the best medicine and shared with sue.
there was a lot of interest in transfers in the class. because they're cool. i've gotten lazy about doing easy apollo transparency transfers- no rubbing the skin off your fingers, less chance of rubbling too hard and losing sections- but there is nothing like the crispness of a good laser print transfer. so i decided to give it a shot with this image of a peregrine falcon. it's actually coming along pretty well ( laser print to golden soft gel matte medium, started rubbing off while damp). there are a few spots i rubbed too hard & pulled up paper, and i will have to dampen to remove the rest, but it's a good start.

these are 2 transfers i did to demo in class- the nest on fiber paste & the raven on glass bead gel. both started with laser prints ( i bought a floor model 4 color laser printer at office depot a few years ago for a screaming good price and have been delighted ever since- it SO beats going to kinkos for copies). both on 6x6 canvasses- the nest set in matte get medium and the raven in glass bead gel-

marker doodles on canvas-

because 3 of these (and one not shown) have sold out of the print bins in the last 2 months. i think i'll keep making them-
lastly, my friend the red tailed hawk patiently waiting for some attention- she's in oil, so i will want some time to work on her- looking forward to it!

it's really nice to be physically making art again. i knew all summer when i wasn't getting my hands dirty that it would inform something down the line, and it has and will continue to, but damn, it's nice to have paint on my hands again :)
have a great week!

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Pam McKnight said...

Looks like you have been busy. Great new work. I can't wait to get back into the studio again, myself.