Wednesday, October 17, 2012

open studios and beyond

this past weekend was boise's open studios weekend, when a group of artists (36 this year) opens their studios to the public. we have an event at the art museum, publish a map in the weekly paper, publicize on facebook, our website, etc. and open our doors on saturday & sunday. i took friday off to prepare, as there was little time between getting back from the yellowstone trip and catching up at work. mostly i wanted the yard in shape.
so of course when my friend lynn asked if i wanted to go to her riding lesson with her on friday morning, i went. and it was great- i haven't been on a horse for years, tho i used to ride a lot when i was young. once i remembered what i was doing and relaxed i had a ball.
after that, i went out to the birds of prey flight demonstrations. the peregrine fund has a center close to boise with breeding and educational programs. every october they hold flight demonstrations. falcons, hawks & owls show off their flying skills. it's amazing to see. i wanted to test the lessons learned in class.
of course, i promptly forgot everything in the attempt to shoot flying birds and the wonder of watching them close up in the long lens. so i spot metered & totally blew the backgrounds out. which actually, in an odd way, worked.....but still...
peregrine falcon tenting- protecting the food he was rewarded with for coning back to the falconer.
 swainson's hawk (we have these all over fairfield in the summer, it was very cool to see this beautiful powerful bird so close)
 eurasian owl hawk (or hawk owl)
and then i went home & cleaned up the yard! here's the view as people enter the back yard.

the event is not about selling art, tho it is always nice when that happens. i realized last year that it is easier to talk about my art if i have examples out. much better than if there are only works in progress in the studio. this way people can see & ask about different techniques and see common themes.

i love these conversations because, not being very introspective, it helps me think about my art. i'm always interested to hear what other people see in my work too, and how they interpret it. this is a great event because the people who come are there to see my studio and my art, and are genuinely interested and appreciative. it isn't like doing a show where you might hear under the breath (or not-so-under the breath) snarky comments.
i opted to leave the inside of the studio pretty much the way it looks when i'm working. why give anyone the false impression that it's tidy, after all? :) lots of fellow artists come through looking for ideas for their own spaces, which is also fun.

things were slow for me this year, so i had time to get some painting done. crane is coming along (finally!)

this is a reworking of an older piece that was sort of an abstract red textured thing. i added the letters. the red winged blackbird is a transfer done as a gel skin then applied to the background. i painted in highlights in the eye, the beak & the wing patch because they were too transparent to show up. 8x10

female oriole, 6x6

another 6x6

yay! finished work- it's been a while- maybe the creative juices are flowing again.....
on monday, i started teaching marianne's mixed media mash up at wingtip press. this is my second go 'round teaching there. i even picked up a few students from the studio tour!
we supply all materials, which makes it easy for people to try something new without a big investment.

here's the class happily working on their backgrounds, building texture

and last night- back in the studio

pam & sue

joined me for art making & talk. great to be back at it.
have a good week!

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