Tuesday, October 23, 2012

it's fall!

fall is my favorite season, and i have completely missed the aspen turning this year. two weekends ago was open studios and last thursday i had sinus lift and bone graft (which will lead, in 6 months or so, to dental implants. And after those are done, more work. All I can say is floss!). this is me tonight, 5 days after surgery- the swelling has come down considerably & i am getting colorful.
while i was sleeping away the weekend, i had good company- tinkerbell

and molly moo. all 3 of us in a full sized daybed.

i was sufficiently recovered by monday for round 2 of marianne's mixed media mash up. my face didn't scare anyone away. i am really enjoying teaching. i like to take workshops because i always learn something, even if the class isn't on a technique that i think i would use regularly. i find teaching to be the same sort of rewarding experience.

as phil collins said “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” 

we have a great group of students, and a wonderful space to hold the class. i love getting questions that i don't know how to answer because that helps me learn. the last class i taught was about half this size and made up of people who were comfortable calling themselves artists. this class is stretching me because there are students who are looking for more input. which is scary, because this is someone's artwork we're talking about. and i love it. the students seem to be having fun, too, which is so important. mixed media is about play, and helping someone relax and just play without being so focused on the end result is fun.
i had one woman tell me that i was so patient. the first time EVER that has been said about me- my husband is still laughing :)
saw a new "foolproof" transfer technique on the golden youtube channel (if you don't know about the golden youtube channel, check it out) so i thought i'd try it. involves using gac 500 or another runny medium and a laser print. of course i stupidly tried it on a dark background- you'd think i'd know better by now- and it didn't turn out so well. the method has promise, though. i need to be more liberal with the medium, but will keep trying.

after that didn't work, i reprinted the raven and used the laserprint instead. i think that this is mostly done, tho i may try a few starlike things (likely spatters) off to the left. i need a title- wish nevermore wasn't always the first thing that comes to mind with ravens! i've read enough that i should have some other point of reference!

this still a work in progress- another failed transfer saved by the laser print. still needs something.

and the dancing crane is finally coming together. been waiting for her to tell me what she wants for a few months, i am so pleased to be getting there- and happy with where we're going.

nice studio night tonight- lynn, sue, jaki & nancy. one good thing about travel budget freeze at work is more tuesdays. i count myself lucky to know some wonderful women, and even luckier to spend time with them creating on a regular basis.
life is good. cheers!


Barb said...

You've been so busy (and so patient)! I had a bone graft and implant too - after about 9 months of dental work and healing I'll soon have the crown. Keep those creative juices flowing.

becky said...

Hi Marianne,
just catching up here. :)
first let me say... ouch! that surgery sounds like no fun at all! i had jaw surgery once & my face looked similar, though I remember having a huge fat neck!
sounds like you are feeling better though. i have missed a lot of the fall as well... spending as much time in the clay studio as possible, though i did get up a few times to our local mountains to witness the change of seasons. it is starting to feel more like winter here- last night in the 20's.
what a big class! how much fun. enjoy!