Sunday, August 26, 2012

working together

a good pack of dogs, including 4 bitches, who have learned to get along together because it means that they get to go on great adventures. jackson, echo, jack, addie, molly, halle & bennie.

one of my goals for my break from the gallery was figuring out how to better deal with all of the, well, crap that goes along with being part of any group. i never played team sports. i was never part of a crowd. i was always fortunate enough to have good friends, but i have never been good at doing what it takes to grease the skids to make things move along smoothly.

i have low tolerance for bullshit and don't understand why people can't just be up front & honest. this doesn't always serve me well. i am considered rude and pushy by some because i am straightforward. i don't love rules, but if there are guidelines in place that make sense i think that they should be followed. i hate socializing with people with whom i have little in common and i hate meetings.

i will speak out if i think something is wrong and offer solutions. this has not been to my benefit at the gallery.

what i need to do is figure out how to be true to myself and work within the social construct of the gallery. i had a board member go off on me because i was too pushy about trying to address issues (in a nutshell). my initial response is to not bring anything else up, ever again. which might be appropriate because some of the members won't listen to anything i have to say at this point.

where that gets tricky is that i have to decide that i will follow rules because i think that they matter, but i can't get upset that there are (many) exceptions made. i've said my piece. nothing has changed. it isn't going to until we have new leadership. end of story.

 i sell at the gallery- before i went on break i was one of the better selling artists. at this point, it's where i can sell my work. i need to focus on that and take a deep breath and leave the rest of it. and there are great people who are members, who i am proud to be in partnership with.

i had to drop some things off last week and was unsettled by the thought of going in. i was afraid of who i would have to deal with. i wanted to drop stuff in the back room and dash out and not have to interact. i am a big weenie! and both times my dear friend was working and i thought- you're as likely to have a happy surprise as anything else, so get over it!

if you're wondering why i don't just run for the board it's because i have a full time job and meetings are during the day. i've been told so much about how the board members dislike me that i doubt it would do any good to try anyway. i am trying to pick my battles and not over commit, so i will try taking a deep breath and laying low.

wish me luck! i hope to have some new art to post soon- working on a few things-

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Judy Wood said...

I know this wasn't a particularly amusing post, but honestly I had to smile as this could have been written by me some years ago (not saying how many!!). I think we share a lot of characteristics and ways of looking at and dealing with things. Wish I could come up with some short-hand words of wisdom to help you cope, but we all have to sort these things out as best we can. I've learned a small amount of diplomacy over the years, which helps, and as I get older I am less impatient, which also helps. From what I can tell, you are doing a good job with a trying situation and have some valuable insight into the group dynamics to help you navigate. Excellent that the photography (as per your most recent post) has been added to your "allowable" mix.