Tuesday, August 21, 2012

sticky stucky

i live in an amazingly beautiful place, and shame on me if i can't find something to inspire me.

that said, there is an ebb and flow to my creativity that needs to be acknowledged. but every working artist i know goes to the studio and makes art whether they are inspired or not. i have had a real struggle with that this summer. for whatever reason- job, vacation, bad attitude- as far as i have gotten has been building backgrounds. which is ok. i need them. but i need finished work too.
i've been taking photos, but i don't count that. which is dumb, because i am a decent photographer. only i can't sell photos in the gallery. but i shoot anyway because i love it. and i am trying to have my photography juried in as part of my allocated space.
i love the clouds in this photo and the color of the sky and the land. i love the trail- this is where the dogs & i walk daily-
i had a textured blue background waiting for an image. for a loooooooong time. this idea just came to me last week.

on the left is the sketch i did from the photo. as i am working this and wondering what isn't quite right i realize that the altered colors in the sketch might work better......

my idea is to paint and then scrape back, by sanding or using alcohol. we'll see where it goes. with luck i will have a landscape that makes people want to dig into it.
dancing crane has been on my agenda for a while too. needs to be painted in oil. i need to just do it. he's gonna look great on this red background!

i was thinking that it was time to make myself make something besides a canvas with tissue & paint on it. i was very happy to find that i was ready to move past that stage anyway.
hope to have my photos juried in to the gallery. there is a limit on the number of photographers, and i don't want to take a space from someone who would sell. It would be nice if I could just have photography added to my repertoire, not preclude a talented photographer from joining & have some breathing room for new art on months when it's been a struggle. let you know how that goes.
in town for a few weeks, breathing room next week (joe walsh tomorrow night, yadda yadda)
hope to have more new art to share soon!


Barb said...

Hi Marianne, I always feel your photos show something beyond the actual scene. They seem to tell a story, the same as your paint art does. To me, this is creativity at work - allowing a photo to speak and not just be a perfect picture. Just the way you shot the flower silhouetted from behind makes me say "yes - that's the way the shot was meant to be framed." Glad you're going to try to show some of the photos in the gallery. I think your landscape painting is a departure for you, too. Taking some time off may have started you in new directions. Good Luck!

Gabrielle said...

I just saw the post with your signal box art - it looks amazing!!! Nice job!

Seems to me that even the act of taking a photograph is still keeping your mind on art and creativity even if you are not formally putting paint to paper every single day. You're still feeding the creative fires. I know some of my best work has happened after a hiatus.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the landscape develops. It is off to a good start!

marianne said...

thanks guys! i so appreciate your comments. barb- i love your eye & photos, so that is especially nice to hear from you!
gabrielle- thanks for the reminder that just because i'm not painting it doesn't mean that i'm not creating!