Sunday, August 12, 2012

mid-august update

yikes! mid august and no closer to having new art than i was at the end of july! i can't believe that it's been so long since i posted anything, but it has been busy!

last week was vacation- and it was all about music. we started off on friday with gillian welch at a local theater. went to see jason isbell and the 400 unit on sunday. both great shows.

flew to denver on tuesday evening to see jack white at red rocks on wednesday. red rocks is possibly one of the best places to see a concert. the acoustics are fabulous, the setting beautiful. the show was amazing, and well worth the quick trip. one thing i love about this artist is that he does so many different things. we heard everything from country to music bordering on heavy metal. it was all great, and all recognizable as his music. not only is he very talented, he is unafraid to take chances and explore.

flew back home on thursday morning and jumped in the car to drive 4 hours to challis, idaho for the braun brothers reunion, 3 days of country/americana/red dirt music.

idaho has some major fires burning now. this helicopter is dragging a bucket on the river to pick up water to dump on a fire. it was amazing to see them maneuver in a tight spot.

this is what much of what we drove through looks like. in some spots we could see areas still burning from the road. a very surreal landscape.

here's where we were hanging out for 3 days-

the lineup in challis included jerry jeff walker- who still sounds great-

and joe ely, who also put on one hell of a show, backed up by reckless kelly , who headlined the show and wound things up on saturday.

we discovered some new music and fit in a trip to a ghost town called bayhorse. these are old charcoal kilns made from local rock.

this is the stamp mill, where gravity was used to separate ore.

those fires, though they made ours eyes burn from the smoke and dropped ash on everything, did give us some lovely landscapes-

more scenic photos to follow, but now to bed so i'm ready to rejoin the working class tomorrow-


Barb said...

Sounds like you're having a great summer Marianne - refueling your creativity with travel, music, and spectacular landscapes. Leaving for Beaver Creek soon - our 46th anniversary tomorrow. Raining now!

becky said...

Sounds like it was a great trip! Girl, you are always on the go! Glad to see you out enjoying it all!