Tuesday, August 28, 2012

back to studio night

it seems like a very long time since we've had a studio night, tho i bet if i checked it hasn't been as long as i think. regardless, it was great to be back at it tonight with pam, nancy & sue.
pam's sketchbook- these pages about her friend's accomplishments ( photo focused on the page showing my traffic box :) )

the book that nancy was sketching from. be fun to see what comes from this!

these are 5x7 and 6x6 (one 4x6) canvasses that i've been playing with. thinking i will put in the print bins for $35. not gallery wrapped, tho the edges are painted. seems like a fun change from prints. guess we'll see!

this is what's happening on some of those backgrounds. still trying to define where they're going. i want something identifiable as a landscape but more about feeling and texture and depth than the actual image. tricky.
feedback on the top one was "it needs a bird" ie a focal point. which i totally get. last time i helped jury a show lack of a focal point (and movement through the piece and lack of tonal variation) were some of the issues i was able to pinpoint in the work i didn't love.
that said, i think it isn't one focal point so much as hitting more lights & darks to move the eye thru the piece. i want an abstract dreamy layered feel. and maybe it's a spot of red somewhere. hmmmm.

second shot at it- this one progressing better. at least so far. curious to see where it goes.

my photography was juried into the gallery, so i can include photos in my allotted space, which is great news. my experience is that photography is something that everyone thinks they can do, so unless it's a unique image (no matter how good technically) it's harder to sell, but this will give me room to breathe on the new art requirement, for which i am grateful.
i am also grateful to be back in the studio creating. good to have the gals back too. just in time! :)

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Barb said...

That last isn't the second-to-last reimagined, is it? I actually liked the road into the distance and thought it was a great focal point. Oh, we'll.... So happy you'll be showing photographs. Will be interested in what you choose. PS I love the group of dogs shot! Each of them is an individual but can tolerate being part of a loose group. Too bad we humans must snap at each other!