Tuesday, July 24, 2012

studio night- yay!

it has been a long damn time since i have spent time in the studio making art. i powered through redoing the traffic box, i made birthday banners (of which i kept 2) and i've slapped stuff on canvas for backgrounds but i haven't completed a piece of art that i could hang in the gallery in what seems like months.

i've been taking photos and reading books and thinking about things and trusting that it will all regurge at some point in a frenzy of creative activity. but now i'm getting sort of scared. i have a month & a half before i'm back in the gallery and i am not inspired or motivated.i hoped to be able to be a bit ahead but i'm not.

here's where having faith in the process and trusting that it's going to be ok is important. because it's not like i'm not looking and seeing and thing about making art. not like i'm not interested or i'm being lazy. i just don't have the right thing in my head. and i haven't had time. i do trust that it will all come together, but jeez- hope it's soon!

i am working on small things, and it was helpful to notice that so were my studio mates this evening-

pam working on her travel journal

lynn trying out ideas for a workshop she is holding this fall

me doodling on canvas with marker-

i am having fun playing with these small pieces, which i figure i can sell in the print bins. they're a departure from what i had been doing and a fun way to play with techniques.

the traffic box will be up next week- i am to have a first thursday party by it to celebrate. it's only supposed to be 94 :) thinking lemonade and watermelon , maybe a mister..... will post photos of the completed work of art- i can't wait to see it!

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