Monday, July 30, 2012


lately i've been a little worried that after taking 3 months off i won't have new work when i go back to the gallery. this wouldn't be a problem for anyone but me, as i have plenty of art that hasn't been in there for 3 months, but it kills me to repeat.

so it is with great joy and relief that i can say that i actually made art tonight, instead of making backgrounds or flailing around (which has its place too).

i also realized that i have 2 pieces ready to go (the traffic box art). duh! and huge sigh of relief- especially since there's pretty much NO time for the studio next 2 weeks. more on that later.

here's what i finished tonight-

6x6 mixed media (collage, acrylic paint, photo transfer & marker)

4x6 mixed media- i got the oilbars out for this one & had so much fun that they're back in rotation- ( acrylic paint, marker, oilbar)

6x6 mixed media- (acrylic paint & marker)

i'm thinking that some of these (those that look "doodle-y" and are not on box canvases) can be sold in the print bins. they're good play for experimenting bigger.

i doodled during the olympics last night ( i do love the olympics!) and it loosened something up. which is what doodling should do.

as for upcoming fun- no studio night this week as there's a family obligation tomorrow night. wed 3 of us are getting tattooed & being girly & going out together afterwards; thursday is first thursday and i will be having a party at the traffic box; fri gillian welch concert; sun jason isbell concert; tues off to denver to see jack white at red rocks on wed; back home thurs only to head for the hills for a music festival with lots of great acts including jerry jeff walker, joe ely, cody canada & reckless kelly. whew! good thing that live music inspires me :) i'll have a few weeks to turn that into art before the end of the month. maybe i'll even actually use a sketchbook for ideas..... maybe....

so if i'm not back for a while you know why, but rest assured i'm having fun! hasta-

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Postcards from Wildwood said...

You're getting tattooed?! Your own art, I hope? Enjoy the week!