Sunday, July 1, 2012

i get by with a lot of help from my friends

a week and a half since i posted. yikes! all good intentions to make art, think about it, etc, but life happens- tho i did get some things accomplished-

for instance, photos on our hikes- still love the sony! the best camera is the one you have with you-


sego lily-

i received word a week ago wednesday that my traffic box submission was approved- all except the second panel because there was concern that people wouldn't recognize the large black area as a dog at a glance. i was asked to rework that panel and resubmit by the following monday.

since the image was 3 layers or more down in the collage and such a large part of that panel i couldn't see a fix and it seemed better to start from scratch. so that's what i spent last weekend doing. luckily i knew i could recreate the other 3 panels. the only iffy part was finding more rub on letters, but my friend jaki came through with flying colors (as did my friend laura for future projects- it's great having friends who get it!)

here is the second submission (approved! yay!). i think it will work better due to brighter colors, but it was kind of exciting getting it done in time.
 on monday i flew to chicago for work.

i love the people i work with- am fortunate to count many of them true friends, so meetings are actually fun. we were also productive and got a good start on the annual planning process.

got home thursday evening- the flight was an hour late out of o'hare, so i was home at 1:30 am and up at 7 to get to work.

friday evening a friend and i hit the road for dillon montana (6 hours away)
we went to pick up a dog needing a new home. the dog was in billings, montana- 10 or 11 hours from boise. i have a good friend in dillon, so we agreed to meet there. it's a beautiful place-

and leaf is an excellent hostess. we got to hang out and visit while letting molly acclimate to me & halle before heading home on sunday. i got to spend the weekend with 2 friends and bring another swissy into the pack (molly on left, y.t. in the middle, halle on the right). 

and back home this morning!

starting planning this week at work, so it will be very busy and probably long hours. back to chicago the following week- no sign of things letting up, and i am so glad i made the call to request a leave from the gallery!

studio night on tuesday, so look for a post then-


Pam McKnight said...

congrats on the acceptance of your traffic box and on the new addition to your household!

Pam McKnight said...

Congrats on the acceptance of your 2nd traffic box design and the new addition to your family!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I LOVE your street art. The colours are striking, vibrant, gorgeous, cheerful and urban. And they say what you want to say about living where you do. Lovely! Have a good week.

Judy Wood said...

The reworked traffic box is wonderful. All that orange! (I'm a huge fan of orange) How could a person ask for more? Have fun doing it.

Barb said...

My head is whirling with your schedule. A new pup? You lucky gal - I want one, too, but Bob is reluctant. I like the traffic box a lot (also liked the first one but what do I know...). Did you see Sony came out with a new mirrorless - very pricy but got great reviews.