Sunday, July 15, 2012

another week gone

one of the amazing things about my life is that i get to go from this

to this

on a pretty regular basis. and they pay me. yeah, there's work involved, but i work with great people and get to go good places so it could be much worse :)

from my hotel room:

view from rebar, trump tower-

the mother ship (well, not any more, but i remember my mom pointing out the wrigley building when i was a child and when i was first hired the company was still headquartered here)

meanwhile back at the ranch..... molly is fitting in quite well. can you see the difference between the two?

pam immediately upon meeting molly (without halle there as a reference) said "her head is wider, her muzzle shorter" . pam is not a dog person, but she is an artist and i found it interesting that she got it right away. the trick for me is LOOKING rather than figuring i know which one it is bc of the behavior.

gratuitous "i love my garden" shot

my friend patty turned 50 this year and somehow we realized that we had to have flags to commemorate the occasion. which morphed into banners. but the design- a peace sign above crossbones- was never in doubt. nor was that fact that it had to be on a tie dyed background.

this is me trying to be precise. i hate that. except when it works out, and then i love it.

i even made a template for the bone (far left)

we need a few banners- one that may be sacrificed to her youth, one for posterity, a few bc we kind of love the peace sign crossbones motif- (enough to have talked abt mutual tats. but the peace sign has to look tie dyed)

birthday girl gets her pick, then i get one. i think that this is my coat of arms- i prefer peace, but don't assume that means i'll roll over.

as for art- i have lots of backgrounds ready to go. and i had a very nice evening puttering in my studio.

it's funny- the decision to take a leave from the gallery came in a moment. but it felt right, so i did it and i am so glad i did- i would be so far behind and so stressed about making art right now. i couldn't have seen what the summer was going to be but my gut knew and made the right call. there's a lot to be said for trusting your intuition.

hope it was a great week! i'm guessing that a weekly post is all i'm good for at this point, so hasta la semana (i think)


Postcards from Wildwood said...

That's a pretty varied week! I love your city shots, especially the one from Trump Tower along the waterway. The colours of your backgrounds look so tempting ... just waiting to be selected!

Barb said...

Hi Marianne - Looks like you're incredibly busy with travel, art, and dogs! Take time to enjoy that garden space. Enjoy summer! Love your pics of the city.