Sunday, July 8, 2012

and it keeps flying by....

another week with no appreciable art progress

we did have studio night on tuesday, and discovered that molly is a happy studio dog too. she & echo traded off---

although i completely lacked inspiration i worked on backgrounds and now have a bunch ready to go when i have time to get back into the studio and apply myself.

molly is settling in nicely- that's her on the left & halle on the right-

the garden is rewarding, which is always nice.

this time of year i always look at everything blooming profusely & think it will all be barren by august. hasn't happened yet, so i should be ok again this year

this is the time of year at work when we plan next year's business. it is always hectic trying to fit that in with regular duties and the systems can be challenging, so there are generally evening/weekend hours involved, which cuts into creative time too.

we did go to fairfield this weekend- here are 2 shots of the lovely sunset last night-

off to chicago tomorrow, back late wed so no studio night. hopefully we'll get the plan pretty much finished, though. and it's actually cooler in chicago than in boise next week! bonus!

hope everyone is having a great summer- and hope to have new art to share soon-


Postcards from Wildwood said...

Gorgeous sunset. I love the last shot. Pleased to see Molly is settling in well.
BTW, when your street art is installed, will you take a few photos so we can see how it looks?
Wishing you a good week.
Janice. x

Barb said...

HI Marianne - Oh my, those sunset shots! I just want to keep gazing. Molly looks pretty relaxed as an art muse. Is that russian sage going up your front walk? I'd still like to buy some to plant here in Breck, but I'm not sure if it will tolerate the altitude. We finally got a bit of rain!

Judy Wood said...

I can see that the dogs would have to take turns jigsawing themselves into the available floor space! Love the sunset landscape shots.