Tuesday, June 19, 2012

tuesday! studio!

lovely hike this am, as usual this time of year. now that i have my wonderful lightweight easy to pack sony nx5 evil camera i take many more photos when out & about. image below is arrowleaf balsamroot leaves-

the love lizard is the latest addition to my studio art collection. i like having things from my artist friends. this is jaki's work. isn't she cute? 

nancy, jaki & i this evening. fun evening- i learned some stuff, which is always a good thing-

i am still pounding out backgrounds. it's ok- i will know what wants to go on the front and get started with that soon. in the meantime, this is work that needs to be done.

the other thing that's happening is play- these are doodles on canvas. starting with marker, embellished with paint-

i completely ruined the first version of this (marker & rubbing alcohol only mix in very small doses), but am pretty happy with where it is now-

these are both 5x7 and my idea is that they can go in the print bin at the gallery for $25 in a plastic bag unframed. helping me keep print bin fresh (bc it's a pita to switch out stuff that needs a mat). also me working on drawing and playing with things to translate to a bigger surface.

the beginning of another-

i am thinking about oilbar again, and these shiva oil sticks, which have seen little if any use, are the perfect colors to finish off what the markers start-

yep, there's creativity and play in the air! can't wait to see where it goes!

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Barb said...

One of my friends asked about a camera - I told her about yours. (That leaf shot makes me a little green with envy) You're getting a lot done in your studio time. A little wine and a little creativity go a long way.