Tuesday, June 12, 2012

finished art!

it's tuesday night, and you know that means studio night when i'm in town and we had a great evening- that's lynn back in the corner with the amazing horse sculpture, then jaki, pam & sue. all amazingly talented and inspiring artists. i am so lucky!

it seems like forever since i have actually finished a piece of art (traffic box doesn't count, bc i don't know that it is finished) but i did complete 2 this evening-

red bird, 6x6 mixed media on canvas

and mardi gras, 6x6 mixed media on canvas

feels good have some done! even though i know there has been lots of background art going on it's nice to have some done.

book recommendation: sacre bleu by christopher moore- loved it, dying to go to monmarte....

happy wednesday!

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